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Arena of Truth Mobile may be released before May 31

Besides League of Legends: Toc Chien, Legend of Runeterra … Arena of Truth The Mobile version is the game project that many gamers look forward to.

While other game projects have had some leaks, the Arena of Truth Mobile almost does not have any movement that makes fans feel extremely impatient.

Arena Mobile Truth

Recently, Stephen "Mortdog" Mortimer – the designer of the Truth Arena has revealed the launch date of the Mobile Truth Arena version that made fans excited. Specifically, during the Christmas streaming stream on his personal Twitch channel, Mortdog received questions from viewers about when the Arena of Truth version could be released. Responding to this question, Mortdog answered: "The game will be released before May 31st."

Although Mortdog's answer does not reveal specific dates and support devices, we can be sure that the Mobile Truth Arena will be in beta before May 31, 2020.

The Mobile Truth Arena in beta will be released before May 31, 2020

As expected, the Arena of Truth The PC and Mobile versions are identical, except for the control mechanism. This allows gamers on PC and Mobile to play together. All of the most popular features of the PC version appear on the Mobile version, allowing gamers to deploy League of Legends champions automatically into the match automatically.

Unlike the League of Legends MOBA, in the Arena of Truth the Mobile version, gamers will not be able to directly control the hero to participate in battles. Gamers will have to plan carefully, deploy the strongest army and luck to rank TOP 1.

Currently, the Arena of Truth Mobile has allowed gamers to register in advance for details you can refer to in the article: "How to register to download Arena of Truth Mobile earliest".

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