Are Digtial Marketing people becoming “lazy”?

Most digital campaigns lack the elements required to be effective.

He Charles Rasmussen, Burrell’s Digital Vice President (an agency in Chicago, USA), shared at a conference on Digital, aroused this topic when he said: “I noticed a lot of ‘lazy marketing campaigns’. We live in a world where seemingly unlimited data, and we have consumers who expect personal experiences and communication. On the other hand, we have customers that prioritize speed and cost efficiency, and really focus on profitability without knowing how to utilize the available resources.

The problem of “cost optimization” is not a bad thing, unless of course that “optimization” loses efficiency. And this is where laziness comes in. Most marketers don’t set in the first place what goals they want to achieve, or how the campaign can ultimately be more profitable for the brand.

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Digital seminars largely highlight digital opportunities and trending terms – differentiated, data-driven and dynamic ads – but nevertheless fail to admit that the definition of success in digital is difficult to say. Kantar Millward Brown’s Brand Lift Insights report found that the success of a good digital campaign is enormous, such as a 7% increase in purchase intent, but in contrast, many ineffective campaigns. to the point where customers are no longer interested in buying the product.

So, why is there this volatility? Let’s try going back to the basics.

Most successful campaigns clearly define the changes they want to see in the target audience’s behavior, and the best way to achieve that change. They don’t depend on general goals such as “increase in number” but focus on specific target customers and what might change their behavior. For a well-known and loved brand, this is quite as simple as “reminding consumers of brand presence”. Other brands need to combine media to “sow” interest to consumers and then send them more detailed information (different target customers require different messages).

We are too dependent on technology to do things that only creative people can do.

However, that is not all that has to be done to define the goal and the nature of the message. I think we’re too reliant on technology to do things that only creative people can do. We can send the right message to the right audience at the right time, but unless that audience pays attention to the ad and idea, the ad can enter the mind of the viewer, if not all All media investments are public. Otherwise, we still have to work to get the attention of our consumers and the best way to do that is to make sure the brand’s creative team conveys powerful messages.


If you want to improve the effectiveness of digital marketing, rather than simply “cost optimization”, brands need to create content that not only matches its goals, but also what that customers care about. This requires a thorough understanding of the target customer’s mindset, not simply depending on technology and data that can be done.

Lam An / Brands Vietnam
* Source: Kantar Millward Brown


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