Are cars with more horsepower more powerful?

Are cars with more horsepower more powerful?

Many people believe that cars with more horsepower will be more powerful. However, this is not necessarily correct.

Horsepower in a car is a unit of an automobile engine power. To talk about the “power” of an automobile, we will look at two important specifications: power and torque. There is a close correlation between these two parameters, although they show different meanings. Power and torque contribute to the determination of a car’s performance for different operating conditions.

Horsepower is the unit indicating the capacity of an automobile

Comparing the strengths of two cars to each other is not easy and straightforward. Many people have used cars for a long time but are still vague about this. Only horsepower is not enough to fully show the power of a car because it depends on the torque parameters. So it can be said that a car with more horsepower is not necessarily more powerful.

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The parameters indicate the capacity and torque of the vehicle

To better understand this comparison, we need to know what torque is, what power is and what they mean for a car. Capacity is a familiar concept to vehicle owners. Capacity of a car is the specification to indicate whether a car’s acceleration is fast or slow. Many people still believe that power represents strength and travel force of the wheel, but that is completely wrong.

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Capacity is just a parameter representing the labor speed of a car. A car with a large capacity means that it easily achieves high speeds, but it is impossible to say that its power is great. A more concrete example is a sports car capable of traveling up to 350km / h but cannot pull an X object. Meanwhile, the heavy truck Caterpillar only has maximum capacity. 150km / h is capable of pulling X objects to move over a certain distance.

The reason for this is torque. When an object orbits an axis and exerts a certain force, this force is the torque. Archimede’s leverage experiment has made this clear. A torque can be seen every time a force is applied to an object that causes it to rotate around a fixed point. In other words, the rotation force of a car wheel crankshaft is the torque or more specifically, it is the rotation force of an automobile wheel.

Torque is generated when the crankshaft is rotating

The greater the torque, the stronger the rotation of an automobile wheel. Vehicles with large torque will possess the ability to load or tow heavy items. Besides, the problem solving is also quick and easy. However, do not forget that getting the car to achieve high speed also needs to depend on the capacity.

So these two parameters are combined together to clarify the power of the car. Vehicles with high torque are usually off-road vehicles, trucks, dump trucks of this class … and those that require high capacity are sports cars, racing cars. When a car possesses great torque and also has a large capacity, that car is sure to have extremely “huge” power. Power and torque have one thing in common: constant variation across the rpm range. A car has more power if it meets the following criteria:

  • The maximum power reaches a great extent to give the car the ability to achieve great speeds quickly.
  • Maximum torque must also be large for the vehicle to possess good dual power, heavy carrying capacity.
  • At low rpm, the car engine must reach its maximum torque. Thanks to the vehicle can accelerate quickly, it can withstand sudden heavy loads and consume less fuel.

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To evaluate the strength of the vehicle, it is necessary to find out the capacity and torque

Thus, it can be concluded that a car with a larger horsepower is not necessarily more powerful. But to know the car is more powerful, you need to pay attention to the power factors and the torque.

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