Archaeologists unexpectedly discovered Byzantine Monastery

Archaeologists unexpectedly discovered Byzantine Monastery

The ruins of a 1,500-year-old monastery from the Byzantine period were discovered by archaeologists at Beit Shemesh of Israel.

The excavation is part of a large-scale excavation project conducted by the Israeli Antiquities Authority in preparation for the development and expansion of Ramat Beit Shemesh.

According to Benyamin Storchan, director of excavations, “We were surprised by the amazing conservation status of ancient ruins, and the abundance of artifacts discovered.“.

Archaeologists unexpectedly discovered Byzantine Monastery

Researchers have identified a large complex of monasteries that could be a center for ancient pilgrims in the Judean Shephelah region. The area was abandoned in the 7th century for undisclosed reasons.

The discovery involved studying the remains of walls built of rich architectural elements, marble columns and mosaic floors depicting decorative motifs of birds, leaves and pomegranates.

Since the excavation in the summer, in this area, more than 1,000 teenagers from various groups and organizations have been involved in the excavation.

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