Arbitrarily selling oil to the US, the Syrian Kurds are so wrong

Arbitrarily selling oil to the US, the Syrian Kurds are so wrong

The Kurds negotiate with the US on oil production in Syria

On August 5, the administration of President Donald Trump approved an agreement between the US Delta Crescent Energy Company and the Kurdish semi-autonomous government in northeastern Syria on oil production in the area, according to CNN.

Under the agreement between Delta Crescent Energy Company and the semi-autonomous Syrian Kurdish government, the two sides will jointly exploit oil wells in northeastern Syria, including the largest Syrian oil field in Deir Ezzor, al-Omar.

The deal has been secretly discussed for over a year and was signed last month. The deal is supposed to bring billions of dollars to the Syrian Kurds but will not share it with the Syrian regime.

Initially cultivated to My, the Syrian Kurdish was wrong
US soldiers protect oil fields in Syria

“We are approved to participate in every aspect of energy development, transportation, marketing, refining, oil exploitation, infrastructure development and redevelopment in the region, which in turn will help people in the region. This sector brings their products to international markets “.

That is the revelation of James Cain, the former US Ambassador to Denmark under former President George W. Bush and co-founder of Delta Crescent Energy Company, with the press about the oil exploration deal in northeastern Syria with Kurdish people.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo once confirmed: “The deal took longer than we expected, we are currently in the process of implementing it. It is of great value.” The deal was made thanks to Washington’s active support.

Specifically, in April this year, Delta Crescent Energy Company was included in the list of exempt entities by the US Department of Finance to avoid being affected by US sanctions imposed on the administration of President Assad. .

The reason the US government supports the oil exploration agreement between the US company and the Kurdish semi-autonomous administration is because it is in line with President Trump’s long-term goal of ensuring US control over oil fields in the region.

The agreement’s implications are also seen to help strengthen the US alliance with the Kurdish government, after the businessman’s president announced the withdrawal of US troops from Syria, discouraging the Kurds.

The civil war has devastated Syria since 2011, costing the country’s oil industry hundreds of billions of dollars, because before the conflict, Syria’s crude production was nearly 400,000 barrels a day. Currently, the country’s crude oil production is in complete decline.

Since the majority of the oil fields are in the east and northeast, the region remains out of the control of the Syrian regime, which is largely controlled by US-sponsored Kurds. It is the main source of income for the semi-autonomous regime of the Kurds in Syria.

The Kurds were seriously wrong

It can be said that, when voluntarily signing an oil extraction agreement with the United States, the semi-autonomous regime of the Kurds in Syria made a serious mistake, because the Kurds benefit from the agreement is only local, but there is a global tradeoff.

firstThe semi-autonomous Kurdish government does not have the legal status to sign international treaties, so it is considered theft of national property.

The Assad administration has declared the Kurdish deal to sell US oil “invalid and has no legal basis”. Damascus denounced the agreement as “theft” of the Kurds and of the US attack on Syrian sovereignty.

Initially cultivated to My, the Syrian Kurdish was wrong
The Kurds themselves turned into cannons for the US

Previously, Washington was seen as seeking to create a “cauldron of power” in Syria as it did in Iraq, thereby ensuring a “dual position” for the Kurds in the post-ISIS power structure in Syria.

And so the United States kept the Kurds out of the political process for Syria, including the negotiating mechanism of the Geneva International Conference on Syria. But that is why the establishment of the Kurdish autonomy is just a unilateral political movement.

This makes the Kurds “harmless”. Not far, even during the war against Covid-19, the Kurds were left alone in the midst of the pandemic, when international organizations did not support them because of the improperity of the representative political entity.

Now with this theft of national assets, how can the Kurds hope for the best position when participating in the Syrian political chessboard in the future? They will simply be opposed by both the Damascus government and the Syrian opposition.

MondayIn support of the US company signing an agreement with the semi-autonomous Kurdish government to exploit oil in Syria, the US administration put the Kurds to death.

Syrian Kurds have been viewed as terrorists by Turkey, as the Kurdish People’s Protection Forces are viewed by Ankara as an extension of the Kurdish Workers’ party, so the Turkish army attacked the Kurds. .

It is worth mentioning that when Turkey attacked the Kurds, the US stood and watched its brother embrace blood, and in this situation the American ploy to build a bond of power made the Kurds a target of many gunners. Best.

On August 3, Turkey denounced the Delta Crescent Energy agreement with the semi-autonomous Kurdish government to jointly exploit oil in Syria and said it was an act of “financing terrorism”.

This is a very dangerous warning by Ankara to the Kurds and in this case the semi-autonomous Kurdish government can hardly expect Washington to help, if Ankara does not attack oil wells in the east and northeast. Syria.

Washington is very insidious in supporting the US company to sign a deal with the Kurds to exploit oil in Syria. Because the US knows that Turkey will not attack US interests, the US can stand out to exploit oil by itself while the “brother” holds his blood.

Initially cultivated to My, the Syrian Kurdish was wrong
America will still let the Kurds take Turkish ammunition

At the end of October 2019, the Russian Defense Ministry said that Russian intelligence had discovered top US corporations, working with private military contractors, supported by the US Special Forces and Air Force. carry out smuggling of Syrian oil.

The monthly turnover of Syrian oil smuggling in Deir ez-Zor province reaches $ 30 million. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin insisted Washington’s actions were “unacceptable,” according to Sputnik.

The United States has justified their presence in Syria against ISIS, but the fact is that Washington tries to hold on to Syria’s oil resources, and that is “like an act of plundering Syrian oil resources”, Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed.

However, when Syria’s oil production is negotiated with the Kurdish quasi-government – which controls territory with oil wells – the bad reputation of the US smuggling or plundering Syria’s resources will be somewhat. lighter.

Thus, when signing an oil exploitation agreement with the US company, the Kurds have in fact turned themselves into cannon fodder for Washington, not expressed their sovereignty over the territory they control as they imagine.

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