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AR smart glasses company “Yingmu INMO” completed tens of millions of yuan in angel round financing, formerly known as Coolpad AR Division

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36Kr was exclusively informed that the AR smart glasses company “Inmo”, an AR smart glasses company, announced yesterday that it has completed an angel round of financing of tens of millions of yuan. This round of financing was led by Eagle Fund, with Rongpu Capital and Sanqi Mutual Entertainment following the investment.Yingmu Technology said that this round of financing will be used for core technology research and development and product mass production delivery

The predecessor of Yingmu Technology was the Coolpad AR Division, which was officially separated and independent on December 30, 2020. Movies CEO Yang Longsheng was the general manager of Coolpad’s AR division. He has worked in the ARVR field for nearly 8 years, leading the design and development of many mainstream products.

Yingmu Technology told 36Kr that the company currently has about 20 people in the team, and R&D personnel account for 70-80% of the total. Most of the film team are Coolpad “veterans”, with many years of experience in smart hardware, with many patented technology precipitation and more mature supply chain management experience.

Compared with other AR glasses, INMO is positioned as “smart glasses”, focusing on the lightweight and fashionable consumer market, supporting daily wear.

In July last year, Movies released the first sunglasses-style all-in-one AR smart glasses, weighing 78 grams, using Qualcomm chips, based on the Android system, the official website price is 2,999 yuan, daily wear and normal standby for 1 day, normal use 3~4 hours. According to Yingmu Technology, thousands of AR smart glasses have been pre-sold on the company’s official website. The new generation of products will be unveiled in the first quarter of this year and will be listed in the second quarter. Overseas crowdfunding will be launched simultaneously.

In addition to the hardware business for the consumer-level market, Movies has also reached content cooperation with Baidu Maps, investor Sanqi Mutual Entertainment, etc., and actively explored with China Mobile Migu, Baidu, NetEase and other companies, hoping to provide consumers with The same experience.

In terms of the core layout, Yingmu, based on the understanding of mobile phones and wearable products, focuses on system OS and supply chain optimization. At the system level, Yingmu Technology stated that the company took the lead in realizing pioneering technologies such as lifting eyes and bright screen, breathing mode, and constantly optimized power consumption and performance. At present, it has more than 30 inventions and utility model patents.

At the same time, relying on Coolpad’s accumulation in the intelligent hardware industry chain, Movies has more advantages than general AR glasses start-ups in terms of software and hardware optimization, power consumption control, cost control, and industry chain management.

Movie Eye CEO Yang Longsheng believes that smart glasses are the fourth type of human-computer interaction accessories after mobile phones, watches and earphones. Its development curve can be referred to smart watches-first to gain the favor of geeks and young fashion groups, from sports to business Start with it, and then expand to a broader field. Based on the long-term precipitation and understanding of the industry, Yang Longsheng believes that in the next 2-3 years, smart glasses will quickly become an increasingly popular wearable category, reaching a million-level shipment.

“Most AR smart glasses on the market are doing addition, and shadow glasses are doing subtraction.”

Recently, news about Apple’s AR glasses industry chain has gradually increased, and the market has been paying more and more attention to consumer-grade AR glasses that have been silent for a long time. Yingmu Technology predicts that the industry will see explosive growth in AR glasses in 2021. The company can achieve million-level shipments in 2 to 3 years, ranking among the forefront of the industry.

The source of the previous generation of AR glasses released by Yingmu Technology: Yingmu Technology

The investor said:

Lai Jingyi, a partner of Eagle Fund, said: “Eagle Eye Technology uses portable lightweight AR glasses smart hardware as the entry point. We think its prospects are very exciting. As a young entrepreneurial team with great combat effectiveness, Mr. Yang and his team members Has accumulated profound industry experience, clear goals, down-to-earth, and focus on practical results.”

Dahan Chen, founder of Rongpu Capital, said: “We are very pleased to see the film technology team’s exploration in the field of AR smart glasses. Through excellent software and hardware research and development, it has added many meaningful innovative functions to consumers and many industry customers. And actually solve many practical problems.”

The relevant person in charge of Sanqi Mutual Entertainment said: “To achieve consumer-grade all-in-one glasses, the requirements for the team are extremely high. Although the film technology is a start-up team, its technology accumulation is extremely deep, and it is a rare excellent team in the market. This The second investment in Yingmu Technology will further improve the overall layout of Sanqi Mutual Entertainment in the AR field and form a synergistic effect with it.”



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