AQUA Vietnam officially inaugurated the front door washing machine factory - Photo 1.

AQUA Vietnam officially inaugurated the front door washing machine factory

A front door washing machine factory – a serious investment by AQUA Vietnam

"With an investment of about US $ 21.5 million capable of supplying the market with more than 500,000 products per year and meeting consumer demand in the next 20 years, the operation of front-loading washing machine plants is affirming once more of AQUA Vietnam in its commitment to bring products with good quality, modern technology and reasonable prices to Vietnamese consumers to experience a comfortable life. This machine is our first move in aiming to become the leading household electric brand in the next 3 years "- shared by Mr. Song Yujun, CEO of Haier Group Southeast Asia.

This front-loading washing machine factory is Aqua Vietnam's fourth factory in Bien Hoa II industrial park, next to the company's washing machine factory, refrigerator factory and air conditioner factory. , raising the total area of ​​factories of AQUA Vietnam here to more than 80,000 m2.

With the strategic product of front-loading washing machine, AQUA Vietnam's front-loading washing machine factory possesses the 5 most modern and advanced technologies today:

Fully automatic pressing line for casing with the six most modern robots involved in the entire production process. In particular, automatic mold design is also completely new equipped with flexible production design to be able to produce many parts at the same time;

The most advanced fully automatic TOX technology riveting line in Germany, in order to perform non-rivet connection, production on straight line production brings high and stable efficiency;

Inner-pipe laser welding with superior technology IPG stable performance to meet the cylinder production in the most optimal;

The injection molding machine uses the advanced two-plate clamp structure, the hydraulic clamp helps realize the change of one-button mode, along with the use of robots to retrieve and release parts to maximize production efficiency. ,

And finally, the internal and external assembly line of the front-loading washing machine with modern equipment, can identify the assembly of washing machines both inside and outside, as well as controlling the whole line along the three lines. Speed ​​is used in the air to improve work efficiency and reduce labor.

The entire production and assembly line of the factory with the ability to automate up to 80% in order to ensure maximum capacity, reduce the rate of defective products, to ensure the output quality of products is evenly and according to a certain quality standard.

Up to now, with a total of four factories located in Bien Hoa II industrial zone, AQUA Vietnam is committed to bringing positive growth to the process of industrialization and modernization of Dong Nai province in particular and Vietnam in general.

Factory front door washing machine – 525mm washing cage for domestic market

On the occasion of the inauguration of the new factory, AQUA Vietnam also marked a major turning point when launching the front-loading washing machine line – 525mm washing cage shipped from the factory. Front-loading washing machine – 525mm washing bucket is the current main product line of AQUA Vietnam, possessing many advantages. Prominent is the direct drive motor (DD Inverter) that helps the washing machine operate smoothly – thanks to noise reduction of up to 67 decibels, and the ability to save outstanding power. In addition, the new 525mm washing machine series is applied seamless laser welding technology to increase the stability of the washing cage joints and better protect the clothes.

AQUA Vietnam officially inaugurated the front door washing machine factory - Photo 2.

"Your comfortable life is the value of our creative spirit" – faithful to that purpose, the product of front-loading washing machine – new 525MM washing bucket is the affirmation of AQUA Vietnam in ceaselessly shining create, improve products, to bring reliable choices for users, thanks to outstanding advantages such as:

Wash cleaner but still protect the clothes maximally: Thanks to the large drop-drop space, the clothes are more easily detached, thereby cleaning them without being tangled. Besides, the improved pillow-shaped laundry cage helps to protect the fabric maximally, making the clothes when finished washing always flat and fresh.

The washing tub is wider but still saves water: With the washing cage being expanded, the diameter is up to 525mm (the old version is 495mm), and the distance between the cage and plastic container is narrowed, resonated by the technology itself. Smart Dosing washing water – smart self-distribution – maximizes water savings, contributing to protecting the living environment.

Washing capacity increases: With washing capacity increased by 13% compared to previous models, but the new cage washer AQUA saves up to 12% of area thanks to modern and reasonable design, making washing machine not only A common household appliance that becomes an elegantly decorated interior for family space.

Easy to give / take clothes: If in the old versions, washing machine door diameter is 320mm, the door diameter of AQUA washing machine line is up to 360mm, up 12.5%, helping housewives easily take out laundry, even if it is very large blankets.

AQUA Vietnam officially inaugurated the front door washing machine factory - Photo 3.

The introduction of front-loading washing machine – 525MM washing cage with outstanding smart improvements, reasonable price, forecast will be warmly welcomed by consumers, thereby contributing to AQUA Vietnam quickly shop near the goal of bringing washing machine market share to the top position in the market.

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