Aprilia RSV4 2021 revealed with many changes in design

The 2021 upgraded version of the Aprilia RSV4 super motorcycle has just appeared at the Vallelunga racetrack, revealing a completely new and more attractive front design.

In preparation for 2021 as well as Euro 5 emissions standards, Aprilia is currently in the final stages of testing the new RSV4 super motorcycle model. Most recently, pictures Aprilia RSV4 new version running on the Vallelunga race track has been recorded by paparazzi.

CIt can be seen that Aprilia RSV4 2021 has a lot of changes in appearance, it seems that Aprilia has applied a new design language on the RSV4 2021 model. Specifically, the RSV4 2021 will inherit a new design similar to the junior Aprilia RS660. The highlight of the new design is the front end with the familiar 3-component headlights, but with a completely new, more elegant and eye-catching shape.


Compared with the headlights of the RS660, the headlights of the RSV4 2021 seem to have a slimmer design, while the LED strip located on the black border still has an impressive shape. Underneath the headlight seems to be a protruding part of the shirt that creates an aerodynamic wing to increase stability for the car when traveling at high speeds. This wing detail also extends down to the bumper, creating another layer for the body.


KAprilia RSV4 2021 V4 engine will have an increase of 22 cc compared to the current version, increasing the capacity of the car to 214 horsepower, the car’s torque will also be improved. The car’s chassis system is still an aluminum frame, but the following is improved, helping to reduce weight and increase rigidity thanks to the sagging design like MotoGP.


Currently, that is new information about the Aprilia RSV4 2021 super motorbike. The details of the car as well as the Factory version will be announced by the Italian automaker in the near future.


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