Apply immediately 6 great tricks Head pillow to help speed up website - Photo 1.

Apply immediately 6 great "Head pillow" techniques to help speed up website

The websites of 2019 and later need to download faster than in 2009 or 1999, and Google evaluates and scores very high on fast-loading websites. However, the story is not only in the order of websites in search engine rankings. The page loading speed of enterprises also plays an important role in increasing and decreasing the conversion rate.

Every slow download is likely to lose visitors and customers for the business. Due to the importance of page speed for the user experience, Google has released a new page speed update for its algorithm in July 2018. This makes speed an immense factor. important. Thankfully, you can improve the slow download speed of this website.

Apply immediately 6 great tricks Head pillow to help speed up website - Photo 2.

The first step to improving page loading speed is to check how the current speed is in the status of Page Speed ​​Insights tool.

The tool not only provides a detailed description of the speed of loading web pages on computers and mobile devices, but also analyzes each step exactly how to improve.

The first indicator of website speed is the total file size of images, scripts and files needed to display the page properly. Reduce the amount of information needed to load pages to increase download speed faster. The 2018 study shows that most websites weigh from 1.3 to 2.5 MB, although the recommended level is below 500K.

If the page loading speed is too slow, immediately consider reducing the file size on the website in the following ways.

1. Zoom out the image

Maybe the images on the website are being displayed smaller than the actual ones. In this case you can use simple tools like to adjust the image size to save storage space and minimize loading time.

Another way to shrink the image size is to use a different format. For example: Change .png to compressed .jpg without affecting your display quality much.

2. Improve JavaScript and CSS

Instead of repeating the code on each page, move CSS rules or JavaScript snippets into an external file. The biggest advantage of this method is that it only needs to download once for each visit. So instead of loading dozens or hundreds of lines of code, you only need to reference the previously downloaded script or stylesheet.

3. Use cache

Content management systems (like WordPress) own plugins that carry the latest version of the pages. They will then display these archives to users, so that the browser does not have to reload the page multiple times. Plugins like WP Super Cache will help you increase the page loading speed significantly.

4. Delete the redirect

Some redirects you can use are the permanent 301 redirect and temporary 307 redirect. However, owning too many redirects will confuse the browser, resulting in slow downloads. So you need to re-check the redirects and simplify them as much as possible. The Google Page Speed ​​Insights tool will tell you which redirects are active on the website.

Apply immediately 6 great moves Head pillow to help speed up website - Photo 3.

5. Using CDN (Content Delivery Network – Content distribution network)

It can be said that this is the best and most effective method because you can skip all 5 ways above. There is no need to possess confusing technical expertise, it does not take time to manipulate the individual tools, ignoring the optimization on each element, …

CDN is "all in one". The CDN "cache" content (including images, videos, webpage …) in proxy servers is placed closer to the end user than the original server. Because the server is closer to the user, the CDN will send the content faster.

A solution to improve the page loading speed: Optimize CSS and JS; streamline the image metadata; compress images to reduce capacity, keep quality; auto edit image size; Optimizing page loading speed with BizFly Cloud's Progressive Image Loading will help you in just a few minutes but has created a huge difference in page loading speed!

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