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Applications you need when you buy a new phone

Newly buying a new iPhone or buying a brand new Android smartphone, you will definitely need a 1-hour contract to dabble the app, … I share a few applications that I need to use for basic needs. the most.

1. Facebook + Messenger

Everyone has to spend Facebook, in Vietnam, Facebook is the most popular social network for us to connect friends with each other. Of course, if Facebook is installed and you want to message, you must have Messenger, this is an indispensable duo.

2. Google Maps or Here WeGo

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Currently the most popular map application is still Google Maps, but that doesn't mean the best quality Google Maps. I shared a lot of navigational map experience, I just installed Google Maps to navigate the street, and set the name Here WeGo to guide the school, long distance. It is best to use both depending on the situation.

3. Instagram

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Parallel to Facebook, Instagram is also very popular in Vietnam, sometimes Instagram is also a place for us to upload photos / videos about life around, daily more than Facebook. Instagram is currently the most popular application of all ages.

4. Now.vn (Foody)

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What to eat, what to drink, what to crave, but are busy not going to go by yourself, Now is a popular application for us to order and they will deliver to our address. Of course in Now always have discounts or continuous gifts (depending on the store), you should definitely try Now if you have never used.

5. Gmail (especially for iOS)

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Google Mail is a very popular email address, no one uses mail and nobody has Gmail, usually Android devices will have Gmail available. Only you who buy a new iPhone will need to download Gmail separately.

6. Google Drive (especially with iOS)

Download Gmail, then download more Drive, this is a very important file store for us to download and use. Like Gmail, Google Drive is usually available on Android products.

7. Adobe Lightroom

When shooting and post-editing, there is no better application than Lightroom, this is a great photo editor as well as if you want to take Raw photos on your phone, you can shoot right on Lightroom's camera (Raw file). png).

8. Snapseed

Basic editing (but still bear) has Snapseed, here comes everything to help you transform the best picture to share on social networks.


The girls always need to adjust the filter on the "virtual live" pictures magnificent, VSCO is the most popular application you use today.

  • Link to download Android: VSCO
  • Link to download iOS: VSCO

10. Beautiful wallpaper download application

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I introduced the two best applications for my own Android and iOS platforms, which is ZEDGE and Unsplash. Help you to have beautiful and high quality wallpapers for your phone, as well as when we have a beautiful wallpaper it greatly affects the eye aesthetics.

11. Google Photos (especially for iOS)

The application helps us to store photos as well as backup images. For example, it will be a little less useful when iCloud capacity is full, we can backup via Google Photos very conveniently.

12. Telegram

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We don't want to use Facebook's Messenger or Zalo for business chat, Telegram is the recommended app. It will register based on the phone number, the point you like on Telegram is easy to use, simple, with the "Mention" function, with security to confirm if another device is logged into your account, fun stickers, …

13. Skype

Android call video call for Android, there is Duo, Apple ecosystem wants to call each other, there is FaceTime. So what about Android calling iOS and vice versa? Of course Skype is the leading application to call to communicate with each other via video call. Many people use Skype for group discussions, work, study, and even job interviews now via Skype

14. Spotify + Apple Music

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Whoever listens to international music and wants to pay to enjoy good quality music, Spotify and Apple Music are two indispensable apps. Apple Music will be available for iOS devices but Android can still be downloaded.

15. Grab

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Especially in big cities, everyone needs to ride technology, the most popular is Grab so we can book cars somewhere. As well as Grab has both Grab Food service to deliver food and drinks similar to Now.vn, and also has many attractive incentives.

  • Link to download Android: Grab
  • Link to download iOS: Grab

16. Youtube

To watch videos, only YouTube is "one and only". This is too familiar, so I won't say much.

17. Tinhte.vn

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Delicate members, you must download the application Exquisitely, note that the latest version is 8.1.1 fixing login errors and displaying reward points. Thank you for using the Exquisite application!


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