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Applications on iOS / iPadOS were awarded "Design Awards" by Apple

Every year after the WWDC event for Developers, Apple often publishes applications developed by independent or large companies, with the best, eye-catching and creative images. Often concentrated in the areas of games, life, health, creativity, design, …

List of applications awarded by Apple this year:

Developer: Loju LTD (UK)

Ordia is a very interesting and entertaining one-finger game. You will control a small Alien who collects prey and dodge obstacles along the way. What is remarkable as well as the most special thing in Ordia is that in terms of images, the color of the house in the game is so beautiful, every detail of the background and plants, moving objects, … all have very colorful bands. The idea is to create an impressive gaming experience.

  • Download link: Ordia (VND 89,000)

Flow by Moleskine
Developer: Moleskine Srl (Italy)

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This is the application that helps users manipulate on iPad with Apple Pencil, of course still support iPhone drawing and notes by hand. Flow's highlight lies in creating color markers that produce very realistic strokes like the way we normally paint. New launches, aimed at serving students and designers to quickly draft projects, works, products, …

The Gardens Between
Developer: The Voxel Agents (Australia)

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Adventure game between close friends Arina and Frendt discover the island contains all memories from childhood until they grow up. Along with that there are also mysterious things that force both of them to solve puzzles to be able to adjust the past and present to fit together. Of course, the image in the game is very beautiful, the image between the sky and the ground is very imported according to the color, the clothes of the two characters are different to create attention for the players. It can be said that the developer is very serious about the color in the game and the most elaborate graphics.

Asphalt 9: Legends
Developer: Gameloft (France)

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We are no stranger to racing games too popular on mobile platforms – Asphalt. However, in Asphalt 9, it makes a difference very different from the predecessor in the image and graphics section. All effects from vehicle acceleration, collision, drift, … are very beautiful and impressive. So Asphalt 9 in particular or both 8 and 9 in general are variations of racing game is the first choice for gamers and it is located at a new level.

Pixelmator Photo
Developer: Pixelmator Team (Lithuania)

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Pixelmator Photo is the new image editing application launched after the success of its own application – Pixelmator. The application includes many beautiful filters suitable for fine-tuning for portraits, human skin and many different topics (vintage, cinema, urban, …). The centralized application for the iPad so that users or photographers can access images quickly and edit files like Lightroom, of course it is compatible with many raw files on many camera models.

Developer: Broken Rules (Australia)

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ELOH is a highly creative intellectual game with a simple but beautiful image. The player will arrange the traditional tribal masks in a certain range so that the marbles move properly and enter a convergence point. When the ballast on a mask it will emit a very good music and will depend on how you play, arrange each person so that it is reasonable. ELOH deserves to be accepted not only for its beautiful image but also for a new color in the mobile game world, combining simple gameplay and music composition.

  • Download link: ELOH (VND 69,000)

Butterfly iQ – Ultrasound
Developer: Butterfly Network (USA)

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Application to help users can ultrasound at home without going to the hospital, the results displayed will be projected on the iPhone / iPad screen. Of course Butterfly iQ is certified by the US FDA and is responded by many people, especially pregnant women. The developer sold the Lightning port-connected ultrasound machine for use, including a wireless charging dock for the device. In the process of using the app, users can record sound when they are ultrasound as well as AR and Machine learning support. It can be said that Butterfly iQ has a high humanity and brings the medical field closer to users.

  • Download link: Butterfly iQ (free, but use based on purchased ultrasound kit)

Thumper: Pocket Edition
Developer: Drool LLC (USA)

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Thumper is a stunning neon effect game and handshake melody, bringing players into an enchanting "magic" world – simply that. Therefore, this is a game application that continuously gets the "Design Award" award.

HomeCourt – The Basketball App
Developer: NEX Team Inc. (America)

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This is a real-time "AI Tracking" integrated application for basketball players, so they can understand the correct postures, health and technical issues, … Nice interface and Simple is the strength of the application, along with the AI ​​in the app is determined very accurately.


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