Apple's VR / AR hardware project is postponed, the development team disbanded - VnReview

Apple's VR / AR hardware project is postponed, the development team disbanded – VnReview

An unexpected report from Digitimes may cause the ifan community to be disappointed. Is a VR / AR glass too hard for Apple?

Specifically, according to the recent report from the page Digitimes, Apple temporarily suspended the VR / AR device development project. Previously, many thought that Apple will launch VR / AR products early in 2020. But maybe that won't happen if Digitimes's new report is correct.

Citing sources familiar with this issue, Digitimes said the AR / VR development team was disbanded. "Companies in the supply chain say that Apple is adjusting its R&D resources. The VR / AR glass development team has been dissolved, moving to work for other Apple product groups.".

This went on after the co-developer of the AR glass Microsoft HoloLens Avi Bar-Zeev left the project in January. This can be a great loss of personnel. Recently, many talents working for Apple have left the company, including the prestigious Jonathan Ive. Not only was the VR / AR project difficult, but the self-propelled car project was rumored for a long time, and it seemed to have reached a dead end.

However, the report also said "The fact that Apple delays the AR / VR device project does not mean this is a less promising technology. It means it is not the right time to produce such a product.". Maybe the company wants to wait for enough convergence technology to produce the product, so they are not in a hurry. The company continues to promote the AR experience on the iPhone, through ARKit, RealityKit and Reality Composer, development tools designed to build applications for both users and businesses.

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