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Apple's Find My Friends app saves a 17-year-old girl trapped under a cliff

A mother in North Carolina used Apple's Find My Friends app to find her daughter missing for more than 7 hours after her car was flipped down the ridge.

Accordingly, the incident occurred when Macy Smith, a 17-year-old girl who did not return home after "curfew" on the evening of June 7. Worried that her child was unfortunate, her mother, Mrs. Catrina Cramer Alexander Use the Find My Friends app to find a daughter, after Macy Smith does not respond to messages or calls from the family.

Ms. Alexander told WFMY-TV Greensboro, it was unusual for her daughter, so she conducted her own GPS navigation investigation, and the application showed that her daughter was staying at a location too long. And she found out where her daughter was stuck under the car at a 25-foot long embankment at Pilot Mountain.

“I couldn't find my baby even if the positioning showed that it was very close. Suddenly I saw tire marks ”, she said. Alexander discovers that the daughter is trapped in the undercarriage, below the depth of 7.5 m above the road on the Pilot Mountain.

Medical staff said Smith had a broken neck and had to undergo surgery to heal the swelling. She also suffered severe nerve damage in her left arm. However, without the help from Apple's Find My Friends app, the 17-year-old girl might have gotten worse.

Both moms and dads say they hope their stories encourage parents and children to use the Find My Friends app to make them safer.

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