Apple will use OLED display for MacBook, iPad and this is a signal for Microsoft - Photo 1.

Apple will use the OLED screen for MacBook, iPad and this is a signal for Microsoft

The source from South Korea's ETNews recently revealed that Apple is in talks with Samsung to buy more OLED screens for the launch of the MacBook OLED and the OLED iPad.

Besides, this move is also intended to ease the anger of Samsung Display because Apple did not put enough OLED screen for the iPhone as promised earlier.

The main reason is that the sales of OLED iPhones are not as high as expected, leading to Apple reducing OLED orders and violating the original agreement. Samsung is the main supplier of OLED displays for iPhone X, XS and XS Max.

Samsung is asking Apple to pay up to hundreds of millions of dollars for violating the agreement. However, if Apple continues to add OLED panels to the MacBook and iPad, the problem between the two can be easily solved.

Since equipping OLED displays, the iPhone has benefited a lot from its impressive display and color quality. However, other products like the MacBook or iPad are still using LCD monitors with many inherent drawbacks.

Apple will use OLED display for MacBook, iPad and this is a signal for Microsoft - Photo 2.

The conversion of MacBook and iPad to OLED display will be a big step and almost convert the screen orientation of Apple in the future. Previously the OLED screen was first used on the Apple Watch and then the iPhone. Since 2020, the entire iPhone is expected to use OLED displays.

The OLED screen has the advantage of making the device slimmer and lighter thanks to its flexible substrate. OLED screens are also brighter and do not require backlighting, so less power consumption, longer battery life.

As for the part of Microsoft, the company owns a hybrid line of Surface Pro tablets and a Surface Laptop laptop. The company will probably need to be more proactive in finding innovations with OLED displays instead of focusing on LCD screens like today.

In the long run, OLED displays will gradually become the main trend to replace LCD screens. Therefore, if Microsoft is aware of the time, it will know how to improve the Surface line to compete with the MacBook or iPad products using OLED screens in the future.

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