Apple will launch the cheaper AirPods Max

( This will be good news for many iFans who love the new Apple headphones.

AirPods Max, although just launched, has received a lot of positive comments from a large number of users. However, the high price is always a big barrier for this product.


Currently, AirPods Max are being sold by Apple for up to $ 549. And in the coming time, users will likely experience a more attractive price version, ranging from 349 USD (~ 8 million VND). This is probably a more breathable, more accessible price for music lovers. With $ 349, the “cheap” AirPods Max will compete directly with the Sony WH-1000XM4 or Bose QuietComfort 35 II.

To get a good price, users of the cheap AirPods Max will have to trade the design material of the product from aluminum and stainless steel for plastic. However, plastic is not a bad solution. Users still experience a device with good sound, smart features along with an affordable price. Even the low-cost AirPods Max will also have a lighter weight, more comfortable to wear than the current AirPods Max.

In the coming time, Apple is also cherishing the launch of a third generation AirPods device with many changes in design and features. Let’s wait and see!


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