Apple will disable these iPhone and iPad devices without updating iOS
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Apple will disable these iPhone and iPad devices without updating iOS

Apple has announced that users with older iOS devices have the latest updates. According to the weekly counter, on GPS devices will have to update iOS by 3/11. Specifically, the old model devices such as iPhone 5, iPad 4 and some earlier devices.

These devices will be required by Apple to update to iOS version 9.3.6, some other devices will be required to update to iOS 10.3.4.

If these older iOS devices do not update before November 3, they will have GPS problems and will not display the time and date correctly. At the same time, Apple services such as Mail, iCloud … will also be disabled.

Also on 3/11, iTunes will receive an update request if you want to continue using it.

Many experts interpret this upgrade as a Y2K phenomenon about GPS. This event affects many devices that support GPS.

Most GPS systems generally use a 10-bit variable week counter. Therefore, they can only record values ​​from 0 to 1023. Until the week of 1024 is reached, if not reprogrammed it will not be able to start or skip the week counter. As such, it will not be able to use GPS and time data correctly.

apple love the latest iphone

On 06/01/1980, the first week counter was started. By August 21, 1999, the first week counter was full and needed to be reprogrammed. This is considered the end of the first “GPS era”.

Not just Apple devices, other tools like handheld GPS, car GPS or even Android smartphones will also have to be updated in the near future.

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