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Apple Watch Series 4 is the best selling wearable device in 2018

The number of smartwatch that Apple sold in 2018 has increased to 22% and half of which is sales from Apple Watch Series 4.

According to statistics Counterpoint Research, the number of Apple Watch sold in 2018 is estimated to be about 22.5 million units and has risen to 22% compared to 2017. Among them, the best-selling model is Series 4, although this product is only up shelf for more than 3 months.

Specifically, statistics show that 11.5 million units of Apple Watch Series 4 have been sold since September 21 to the end of December. Basically, this means that Series 4 sales are about half that. on total smartwatch that Apple sold last year. Counterpoint believes that health-related features such as ECG and falls detection are key to this product's success.

Surprisingly, the second most popular smartwatch in 2018 is Apple Watch Series 3. While Apple's market share in smartwatch market is generally narrowed, the company still holds the leading position at 37%. , significantly higher than Imoo and Samsung, accounting for 10% and 9% of the respective market share.

Sforum - Latest technology news page 2017-vs-2018-vs-2019-1-960x384 Apple Watch Series 4 is the best selling wearable device in 2018

According to the Counterpoint, the entire smartwatch segment is expected to continue to grow significantly this year. Apple is expected to maintain its leading position once more but its market share drops to 36%. On the other hand, Samsung is expected to move up to second place with 10% of total sales. This growth comes from Galaxy Watch Active introduced in February and may be due to Galaxy Watch 2 coming out this summer.

The other two major brands, China 's imoo, will remain relatively stable thanks to the smartwatch models for children, but may still drop slightly in market share. For Fitbit, the brand's products will still be popular despite its market share dropping by 1%.


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