Apple Watch or Galaxy Watch: Not yet seen the article already know the answer!
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Apple Watch or Galaxy Watch: Not yet seen the article already know the answer!

In the market of SmartWatch today, the names of Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch must be no stranger to being developed by two technology giants, Apple and Samsung. But if you compare the two high-end watches, whether you will choose the Apple or Sam factions?

on your Apple Watch vs Galaxy Watch
In your opinion, what is a useful choice between Apple Watch Vs Galaxy Watch? Source: Tom’s Guide.

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Preliminary statistics

Before comparing the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch, I did a small poll on the prestigious page on Facebook. After a few hours of posting, both polls produced unexpected results. Specifically, I created a small poll with the content “Should choose Apple Watch or Galaxy Watch” in the Genuine Android enthusiast community.

Apple Watch or Galaxy Watch
Voting results for Apple Watch or Galaxy Watch on a reputable Page.

In the first vote, the majority of users voted for Apple Watch with 63 votes from users, while Galaxy Watch only achieved 42 votes. What is worth mentioning here is that this poll was posted in the group of users who love Android, but the majority still voted Apple SmartWatch. That is enough to show that Apple Watch brings a lot of sympathy and influence from Vietnamese users.

I continued to do another small survey “When buying a SmartWatch, what do you think the factors that influence the decision to buy a product?” After many hours passed, I had a very convincing result with 33 votes for the feature element. Prices and redesigns mean little to influence the decision to buy a SmartWatch.

How to choose a smartwatch
The results voted for the reasons that influence the decision to buy a SmartWatch.

So in the end, we should choose to buy Apple Watch or Galaxy Watch and why should we choose this product line? Find out right in the article below.

Brand value

The first factor we need to mention is brand value. During the past several years, Apple and Samsung have been the major players in the world technology industry and dominated many different fields. However, Samsung still has not been able to outperform Apple in terms of brand value, as the giant from the Americas has dominated the global brand value rankings for 8 consecutive years.

brand value
Apple leads the list of the top 100 most valuable brands on the planet in 2019. Source: InterBrand.

Typically, after the end of 2019, Apple still leads the list of the top 100 most valuable brands on the planet with more than 234 million US dollars (USD) published by InterBrand – the global brand rating organization. Meanwhile, Samsung is still outside the top 5 with a brand value of more than US $ 61 million (USD).

To rank and evaluate the brand, InterBrand relied on a list of criteria such as transparency, governance, commitment, feedback, interaction, differentiation, consistency, competition and ability. create loyalty. This is also the 20th year InterBrand has announced this list.

Brand value 2019
Top 8 most valuable brands on the planet in 2019. Source: InterBrand.

Talking about technology and specifically the SmartWatch segment, Apple Watch was first introduced in September 2014 after the launch of the iPhone 6 and until April 2015 was officially sold. Since then the Apple Watch has become an indispensable device on the wrist of every iPhone user.

It was not until August 2018 that Samsung officially launched the Galaxy Watch with more advanced technology than the previous SmartWatch Gear line. So, we choose Apple Watch or Galaxy Watch here?

Evaluation of the design

Throughout the years, Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch have always been two prominent names in the smartwatch segment in the technology market. However, the popularity of Apple Watch is marginally better thanks to the sophistication but full of elegance in outer style.

Apple Watch Vs Galaxy Watch
Design Galaxy Watch Active 2 (left) and Apple Watch Series 5 (right). Source: PhoneArena.

The Apple Watch has a traditional square face design with a screen that is about 30% larger due to the reduction of the surrounding edges. From the first to the fifth generation, the Apple Watch has a distinctive design style that makes it easy to identify with just a glance. The Galaxy Watch, meanwhile, follows the original design with a round face, adding a mechanical watch face with a depth effect.

Products from the Apple home are made up of a combination of exquisite Digital Crown buttons with tactile feedback and menu buttons. For Galaxy Watch, this watch has 2 Home and Back buttons. However, few people use the Back button on the Galaxy Watch because the Home button is too handy already.

Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch buttons
Button design of Galaxy Watch Active 2 (left) and Apple Watch Series 5 (right).

I don’t know how you think, but I like the design of the spin button on Apple that makes it special and attractive. As for the Galaxy Watch, it seems the Korean giant only prefers a style that is the simplest and easiest to get used to.

I personally prefer the design of the Apple Watch series thanks to the distinctive style that has been through the models for years. Apple does not seem to want to change this design, because this factor makes the Apple Watch different, unique and attractive. What do you guys think?

The Apple invests in a well-planned feature

Both the Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch have calling features when they are connected to the user’s phone via Bluetooth. The Phone app on Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch looks quite similar to the app on iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.

Apple watch vs Samsung watch
The interface of Apple Watch Series 5 (left) vs Galaxy Watch Active 2 interface (right). Source: PhoneArena.

As a SmartWatch, of course, Apple Watch also owns all the features of a regular smartwatch such as: Monitoring heart rate, stress level (stress level), counting steps, receiving notifications, weather, positioning, .. Thanks to the built-in electronic heart rate sensor, the watch has been able to deliver more accurate results, helping to detect abnormalities as well as early cardiovascular diseases, Protect a healthier heart.

Particularly on the Apple Watch Series 5, there is an Always On Display feature – something that did not exist on the Apple SmartWatch line, although this feature has appeared on other SmartWatch products. In normal mode, the screen will show full brightness and when you put your hand away or do not operate immediately, the screen will automatically change the light tones to black tones, the motion effects will no more.

The Apple Watch Series 5 has the Always On Display feature.

Speaking of interfaces, the Apple Watch has a honeycomb-like interface with lots of interesting and useful applications. On Apple Watch, it is fully integrated with applications for making calls, listening to music, entertainment, surfing the web, … Especially in the Apple Watch series, it also integrates both camera and mobile phone photography. .

Original Apple watch design
The interface of the Apple Watch Series is shaped like a honey grid.

Regarding Samsung products, Galaxy Watch models are equipped with simple but sophisticated OS TIZEN operating system. Like other smartwatch devices, these devices are supported with all features such as: Sleep monitoring, Heart rate measurement, Calories consumption, Counting the number of steps, Counting the running distance, Mode practice,…

Galaxy Watch interface
The interface of the Galaxy Watch Series is around the edge.

Especially in Galaxy Watch Active 2, not only is the call recognition not only the device but also allows you to dial and make phone calls easily. No need to attach additional SIM cards, all you need to do is connect Bluetooth to your phone and you can use the watch as a second communication tool.

In addition, a few other useful features include: Alarm, Listen to music with Bluetooth headset, Reject call, Weather forecast, Stopwatch, Watch face, Find phone, Call Bixby, View The calendar is also available on Active 2.

You can make phone calls directly with Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Price difference

In general, the prices of these two product lines are much different and will cause you a headache when choosing. Specifically, the latest products are Apple Watch S5 (the most advanced product) of Apple with genuine prices as follows:

  • 44 mm aluminum Apple Watch S5 + rubber bands cost about 16 million (with LTE) and 13 million (GPS only).
  • 42 mm aluminum Apple Watch S5 + rubber bands cost about 15 million (with LTE) and 12 million (GPS only).
Apple Watch sales
The Apple Watch S5 is currently on sale at Mobile World stores nationwide.

Meanwhile, the most advanced version is Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, which has genuine prices as follows:

  • Samsung Galaxy Active 2 44 mm aluminum + silicone cord costs about 9 million (with LTE) and 7.2 million (GPS only).
  • Samsung Galaxy Active 2 20 mm aluminum + silicone wire costs about 8.5 million (with LTE) and 6.7 million (GPS only).
Galaxy Watch sales
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is currently on sale at Mobile World stores nationwide.

In addition, we will have more advanced versions made of steel, leather strap and have a higher price. Let me tell you easily, the price above is the genuine price at large retail stores, but if you choose to buy a laptop, it will be much more affordable.

Through the small statistics above, I want to show you the difference in price of these two product lines and specifically, the Apple watch line has a higher price. Understandably, Apple’s brand value is large, the design is unique and has a richer interface, so the majority of users still choose Apple Watch over Samsung Galaxy Watch.

If given the option, I would still choose the Apple Watch, although it is a bit expensive. What do you think about the Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch? What are your options when deciding to buy a SmartWatch? Leave your comments below and let me know.

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