Apple Time Flies Event Summary |  Absent the iPhone12 but many products deserve 5 minutes of reading
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Apple Time Flies Event Summary | Absent the iPhone12 but many products deserve 5 minutes of reading

“Time Flies” – Apple event takes place at 0:00 on September 16 (Vietnam time). Unlike usual, this is an online event that seems a bit different when the company announced the Apple Watch and iPad without the arrival of the iPhone. In this article iDesign will summarize the main content of the event was announced recently by Apple.

1. Apple Watch Series 6 with blood oxygen monitoring feature

Basically, this is an upgrade not too much compared to Series 5 and Series 4. Apple Watch Series 6 with the outstanding feature is the ability to monitor the concentration of oxygen in the blood (also known as the SpO2 index). This is useful for detecting underlying heart and lung diseases – including the ability to predict the onset of the Corona virus. To this end, Apple is launching three health studies to rigorously investigate how the new sensor could be used for health applications.

The Series 6 is upgraded to a new Apple S6 chip that promises 20% more performance over its predecessor, as well as a ‘2.5x brighter’ display than the Series 5 at a retail price of $ 399. .

2. Apple Watch SE with more affordable price

Apple Watch SE owns many of the features of the Series 6 but only costs $ 279 (~ 6.5 million VND). Used last generation S5 processor, but still offers the latest sensors and follows the latest Apple Watch design with thinner bezels. However, the Apple Watch SE lacks the Series 6 blood oxygen sensor and ECG capabilities, so you may still want to consider the Watch Series 3 a reasonable option, as Apple will still sell that model for $ 199. (~ 4.6 million VND).

3. Apple Fitness +

One of the biggest reasons people buy an Apple Watch is for fitness tracking, and now Apple is taking that to new heights with its new Fitness + subscription. For $ 30 (~ 700,000 VND) a month, you can watch and watch fitness videos on any of the company’s devices. Apple says it has some of the best instructors in the world working on the platform, and it’s a clear turning point for Peloton.

4. Apple One

As with many rumors over the past few months, Apple has combined with its various service ‘Apple One’, a package that includes Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, iCloud storage, etc

The Apple One launches later this year in more than 100 countries, although the Premier will only be available in Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US.

5. New generation iPad

Apple also announced a new 10.2-inch iPad – and it’s still using the same basic design Apple has been using for ages.

Highlights are the iPad using the A12 Bionic chip; provides 40% faster processing and twice as powerful graphics than previous-generation iPads. Apple claims this chip “Up to two times faster than the best-selling Windows laptop”Therefore, older processors will be an issue for most buyers. The product is pre-ordered for prices starting at $ 329 and will go on sale from Friday, September 18th.

6. iPad Air is sleeker, more colorful

More interesting is the launch of the new iPad Air, which features a boxy design, thinner bezels, and USB-C support. Unlike the iPad Pro, the iPad Air comes in a variety of pretty colors, including rose gold, green and blue, in addition to silver and gray. Thinner bezels mean the Home button is gone, so Apple put Touch ID in the power button on the bezel of the device.

iPad Air features a new A14 CPU using 5nm technology – a first for mainstream processors. It delivers 40% more processing power and a 30% increase in graphics compared to the previous generation. The product has a starting price of $ 599 (~ 14 million VND) and will be available in the market next month.

7. iOS and iPadOS 14

While not announcing anything related to the iPhone, Apple does announce an official release date for iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7 and tvOS 1. The same goes for iPadOS 14, watchOS 7, and tvOS. 14. Right on the same night, Apple released the GM update, the final beta for the aforementioned operating systems. Unfortunately there is no official release date for macOS 11.

Editor: Thao Lee
By: thenextweb

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