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Apple suddenly reacted to Spotify's lawsuit, with no customers paying a 30% discount

Apple has just suddenly released data to counter Spotify's claim: currently only 680,000 customers are paying for Spotify Premium subscription fees through Apple Pay, and all are subject to a 15% discount, without customers. Every item is 30% as accused Deniel Ek made. In fact, this number reflects some issues including:

1 / All customers who pay via Apple Pay are long-term customers, because according to Apple policy, when users pay more than 1 year, the discount will be reduced from 30% to 15%, cheaper than the level 30% fixed discount on other stores like Google Play Store. Thus, Spotify's lawsuit deliberately ignored an extremely important content in payment policy through Apple Pay, because it didn't give Spotify an advantage.

2 / In the last 12 months, Apple has no new customers to pay for Spotify Premium through Apple Pay. This not only proves that Apple Pay is not the only payment gateway and users are absolutely not forced to use, but Spotify is also very effective in suggesting users go to a separate payment page. Daniel Ek's lawsuit is turning himself and the Spotify team is ugly in the eyes of users.

It has been 3 months since Spotify's lawsuit was filed with the European Commission and Apple has not forgotten to continue to provide evidence against Daniel Ek's accusation for the world's No. 1 technology company. A month ago, the European Commission officially launched an investigation into Apple about creating an unfair competitive advantage for Apple Music, not only in terms of discounting on the App Store but also the The problem around Apple blocking the promotional announcement, integrating the API into the app for watchOS, integrating Spotify into HomePod, …


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