Apple Store in the United States was stolen and asked, a series of more than 600 million Macs lost in less than 30 seconds - Photo 2.

Apple Store in the US was stolen and asked, a series of more than 600 million Mac computers flew away in less than 30 seconds

Recently a store selling "apples" in California – USA has been stolen and asked in a flash but the damage is extremely large. Accordingly, this Apple Store has lost $ 27,000, equivalent to more than VND 600 million, all lost assets are Macbook laptops and expensive iPhone phones.

In the clip published by California police, all 4 thieves, they ran straight to the store, folded the machine and hugged and ran straight out but no one could stop it. All come and go like a wind, even many customers who are watching things don't know that this Apple Store has been stolen.

Stole into Apple Store robbing a Mac as fast as it was in the movie.

"Every witness clearly confirms that all suspects are very aggressive, and this robbery takes place in the manner of appropriating property." – Fresno police officer, Rob Beckwith, said, although no guest or employee showed fear in the video. Everyone seems to be "standing" a bit. There is only one woman – you can see in the bottom right – is the reaction in the right way … robbed: this girl stood up and sprinted out of the store as fast as bandits!

It can be seen that the burglary has been carefully prepared and these 4 guys made it as decisively as in action movies. Just 30 seconds is all done, no one can react, including security and salesmen … Currently the police are hanging cash rewards for anyone who provides clues to grab the bandits.

Certainly, Apple stores should enhance security features with more common locks if you don't want to get caught up quickly like this.

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