Apple shrinks "rabbit ears" on iPhone 2020

Apple shrinks "rabbit ears" on iPhone 2020

Rabbit ears on iPhone X

Ming Chi Kuo analyst has just released a new report through MyDrivers website. In it, he claims at least one iPhone 2020 equipped with a smaller front camera to improve the aspect ratio on the camera body, suggesting "rabbit ears" will be shrunk.

In addition, China Times quoted an analyst at Credit Suisse, believing Apple plans to launch a new iPhone without "rabbit ears" or Face ID in 2020. This person predicts the front camera and fingerprint sensor. is embedded below the screen. Meanwhile, three iPhone 2021 models do not have rabbit ears, complete the transition to camera and fingerprint sensor under the screen. The report shows that Apple can develop fingerprint technology under its own screen instead of relying on partners.

Thus, the iPhone route is likely as follows: iPhone 2019 still uses Face ID, no changes in rabbit ears. Two iPhone 2020 models use Face ID and smaller rabbit ears, a non-rabbit ear model that uses a full-screen fingerprint sensor. All iPhone 2021 have no rabbit ears.

Rabbit ears are controversial designs as soon as they appear on the iPhone X 2017, preventing the iPhone from becoming a true overflow device. The removal of rabbit ears is not impossible considering the two Chinese phone companies Xiaomi and Oppo recently demonstrated smartphones with the front camera under the screen.


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