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Apple Search Ads pit avoidance guide: answering core questions

In 2020, on the one hand, the outbreak of the epidemic has caused tremendous changes in all walks of life, and advertising, including Apple Search Ads, has naturally been affected. There is a new trend; on the other hand, Apple officially opened Russia in early May. Apple Search Ads in the region is one of the major markets in the world, and the status of advertising in the Russian market has also been widely concerned.

In the thirteenth issue of Liangjianghu 2020 Online Open Course, Wang Chongkai, Operations Director of Liangjianghu ASA, will explain the new trends and changes in the current Apple Search Ads launch, as well as some core issues in the current launch.

The following is a live recording:

Today is a live broadcast to answer your questions. I have collected about 10 questions that people are more concerned about. Here I will answer them as a whole. Let’s go directly to the whole.

1. The first question is that people ask more frequently, and what you especially want to know is, what are the buying prices in various regions of the world?

A: Some articles have been published before, and some institutions abroad have published some articles. These things are of certain reference. The point of reference is the price ranking of various countries. These are generally done together, but this is not a good way to judge prices. We want to distinguish between games and apps. After all, the price of games is very high. If you look at it globally, the average game level starts at $3, or even $20. This span is very large. For countries with high GDP, it will be more than 6 US dollars. These countries are probably the well-known US, Europe, Japan, South Korea, etc. are all above 5-6 US dollars. Different themes have different prices, which we will talk about later.

The area with medium GDP is basically Southeast Asia, about 3-5 US dollars, and some parts of Southeast Asia are also high-GDP areas, such as Singapore; the other is China’s Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan areas, of which Macao can be understood as sent, and the amount of Macao small. Although the GDP of this region cannot be measured, for us now, this is a price level of more than $7.

The following is a low GDP area, such as a market like India. Basically, the price is around 1-2 US dollars. If the cost is higher than 2 US dollars, it may not be recovered.

The Middle East is a special region. Its price is not very high. It is considered to be in the middle, about 3-5 US dollars. This is probably the game.

In terms of applications, it is divided into paid apps and free apps with internal purchases. There are more here, such as dating, or photo and picture applications, including fitness, education, etc., these types of prices are very different. The price of such applications will not be very low, the starting price is 1 US dollar, and some may even be as high as 5 US dollars, especially social, fitness, education, including alarm clocks are possible, some products can really recover costs, it is better Products have a monopoly trend, causing many other similar applications to obtain relatively small quantities at low prices; the other is to value online and retained products, the price of such products is not very expensive, basically in the high of 0.5-2 US dollars , Generally not higher than 2 dollars. For applications that do not look at in-app purchases, the general order of magnitude is not very large, but it is relatively speaking. For example, a product will naturally add 1,000 quantities per day, which may only get dozens of quantities a day in the Apple market. . If the natural increase is very high, there are tens of thousands to tens of thousands per day, then you can get 1000-2000 per day in the Apple market, but it is very small for the natural activation of the entire plate, so this Is relative. Because the price of high prices, no matter what kind of applications are competing together, if you do not look at the internal purchase, you can only accept a relatively low price, then for other products, competition will be very weak.

2. What is the current situation of placing games in Japan? And what needs to be paid attention to in terms of ASA?

A: There are a large number of placement products this year. If you want to monetize, it still depends on the product itself. High-quality products are better monetized, especially in Japan. As mentioned above, the price in Japan is very high, because the Japanese game market of the same type will be better realized than other markets, and the income will be very high. This is a feedback from everyone.

The cost of putting it in is basically more than 10 US dollars, and some words even need to reach a range of about 15-20 US dollars. If the popularity of their own brand words is not so high and the magnitude is not so good, most words will cost 20 US dollars. the above. The first is because the Japanese market has a good income, and the second is caused by Japanese culture. Its conversion rate is slightly lower than other regions, causing this result.

The problem that needs to be paid attention to is cost control. Investing in search ads, the price of more than 10 dollars is a difficult situation to control. The keywords are rarely displayed every day, and the cost will fluctuate. How to keep it within an acceptable range is a difficult thing.

3. Is it necessary to do localization if it is launched globally? What is the gap between doing and not doing?

A: It still depends on whether the product needs to be localized, is it a Chinese package? If yes, then you must do localization, the priority is to do English, traditional Chinese, if you still send Japan and South Korea, then do the corresponding localization. Other European languages ​​can be done later. After doing English, you can send to the United States, Canada, Australia, etc., then Europe can send to the United Kingdom, such as Germany, France and other regions can also send English.

From another point of view, if it is already an English package, it depends on the product type. Products with a large amount of text, or a large number of pictures that do not conform to local customs, must be done. If this is not the case, then you can target similar Southeast Asian regions, and they will also be used to English in some regions.

As for the difference between localization and non-localization, there are definitely some, especially in some mainstream markets, such as Germany and France in Europe, the difference between localization and localization is very big. We used to have customers. The volume in Germany was more than 200 a day, and the price was also very low, 1-2 US dollars. After localization, the volume will rise to 1000-2000. Localization will make more people willing to pay in the game. The better the game collection, the higher the amount, the higher the price, the higher the acceptable price, and it will reverse the benefits and create a positive cycle. Local investment must be made in markets with relatively high population and GDP.

4. What is the current game delivery situation in the Indonesian market, what are the recycling and costs?

A: As I said before, the cost is around US$3. If it is lower than this, it will be difficult to produce. Recycling still depends on the product. If you can accept a market price of 2-3 US dollars, then it means that your product recycling is still good. If you will find that the cost is low, the quantity cannot be obtained, and the cost is high, it is difficult to recycle. It must be that the recycling is not good enough. In fact, if you can keep putting it under the general market price, it will be no problem. The market recovery is very optimistic. Everyone can get a price of 2-3 US dollars, which proves that the recovery can be recovered, but in the end Look at the product.

5. How about the cost and recovery of themes from Japan, South Korea and China?

Answer: It is quite expensive, especially in Japan. The cost of the word “Three Kingdoms” in Japan may be more than 40-50 US dollars, but the amount is not very large, because many similar products are sharing this traffic, and it can be good to get dozens of traffic a day. Too. The price of 40-50 dollars mentioned just now is the CPT price. An A is about 30 dollars. Only 30 dollars or more can have a considerable magnitude. Sometimes an A can even reach 50. You can earn this amount if you buy it, and the recycling is very good. For Japan and South Korea, especially in Japan, as long as the quality of your products is not bad, there will be recycling. If you are not able to accept the level of 30 dollars, you can try to reduce it to about 20 dollars, not less than 10 dollars, if you can’t get it back below 10 dollars, then you have to look at the product.

6. How is the recycling of SLG products in the US market? In general, what kind of recovery data is normal on the 3rd and 7th?

Answer: Very good. SLG has always had a market in the United States. American users like this kind of product very much. If the product quality is better, the recovery fluctuation on the 3rd is between 2% and 10%. To put it another way, the higher the acceptance range in the short term, the equivalent of product retention may be worse, and there will be more adjustments. Take the more crazy products, basically will suppress the recovery on the 3rd, especially during the epidemic period, will require lower, basically within the range of 2%-10%. On the 7th, at least 10% will be required, and some may be 5%-10%. Good products are not afraid of this situation in the early stage. I am talking about some products that take a lot of head. Some customers can only accept 20% of the 3 days of recycling, and some even want to recycle 20% on the first day. The quality of this product is slightly worse than the price. The price is lower and the quantity is less.

7. What is the impact of multiple launches of one product? Will it cause costs to rise? How to avoid it?

A: In simple terms, the impact of multiple launches is uncertain. This depends on what you have done. It can only be said that it may cause cost increases. Let’s first talk about the principle of rising costs: for multiple products, it is through product matching, your product to compete with other products, if everyone’s price is the same, it is normal Will not cause the cost to rise. If the cost has risen, the root cause is the amount of sales. For example, we are investing in a product, and another company is also launching this product. For some games, the amount may get a better recovery, then it Will increase the cost, and your product will compete with other products; if another company wants to get the same amount, it will have to increase the price to get it, which eventually causes the cost of the two to increase a little, but it may not necessarily be able to Reaching better and better recycling is the reason for rising costs. To avoid this situation, an acceptable cost limit should be set, so that even if the cost rises, it will not be too large, and will not cause the situation that the recovery cannot be returned.

8. ASA pays for its own money, why should it be consumed twice?

A: This is a question that many people are asking. If it is placed last year, we think that ASA is not paying for its own amount, because this position is not our own, it is Apple’s, even if you are the first ASO, this is your brand word, but it is placed on ASA On the top, it is treated equally. There is no way to do this. Unlike ASO, others occupy the brand word and can also get back the position through legal complaints and other means.

But this year, why is it likely to change? Because Apple updated the system and made some adjustments, for our previous brand word placement, the text type of the advertisement display, the text type ad slot is relatively small, it will cause a low CTR, which means that we will spend some money to go Bidding, but the money may not be spent, this is a very good case of brand protection. However, starting this year, the brand words that used to display 100% of text ads used to show both text and pictures, and the chances of pictures will increase, and the click-through rate will also increase, which is equivalent to spending our money. This can be considered a secondary consumption. But there is no way. Apple just made the rules of the brand word more complicated than before, and advertisers have no way to lose.

Why do you have to get these positions even if you spend money? When we were doing brand word placement, we found that many advertisers were reluctant to do brand word placement and were unwilling to spend money to buy their own amount, but we would also spend money to buy other people’s amount. . Then we can separate the flow of people, and others can divide our volume, so we can only spend money to protect our own 80% of the flow. If we don’t do brand word protection, we may only get 50%, and the remaining half Was diverted by competing products.

Most of the time we try to compete for the quantity of competitive vocabulary, which is higher than the industry term in every aspect, because the industry term is very partial, except for the direct ones that are specific to ourselves, you can go to the lexicon to see, Industry terms such as “wifi game”, “boy game” or “girl game” are very inaccurate, and the competitive word is the most accurate, which is why we have to buy our own amount.

9. What are the gaps between using Apple’s background delivery and third-party tool delivery? Why use third-party tools?

A: This question has been asked. We are also working on such tools, and there are some service providers abroad. Here to tell you why there are some tools that need to be completed. Most tools will be better than Apple’s backend, especially for optimizers. If we say that we will launch products for a period of time, we will find that many functions of Apple’s background are not convenient, such as uploading keywords, adjusting prices, and adjusting prices in batches, which may not even have extension words. Our tools and the tools of some foreign manufacturers are to solve some problems that Apple is unwilling or difficult to solve in a short period of time to improve the efficiency of optimization, which can be done by third parties.

10. The last question is about the cost, output and ROI of the game in the Russian market.

A: Russia is a newly opened market. At present, our data is not many, we can only give you some one-sided suggestions for reference. The cost of various games is still quite high, which is similar to the cost of European and American countries, which is the approximate level of some of the high GDP markets in Europe that we mentioned above. There are a lot of outflows, and the volume is huge. After all, it is the largest global market. Although it is not as good as the United States, it is almost the same size as some two or three major European markets combined. ROI is the only difference. This may be due to the understanding of Russia’s economic situation. Its ROI is not as good as other mainstream European markets. Therefore, it is recommended that you bid rationally when you put it in the early stage to increase the price under the premise of recovery. The Russian market has been open for almost a month now, and the data is not complete, so I can only share this with you.

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