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Apple Releases Video Ads For iPhone 11 Pro: Showcases Toughness And Triple Cameras Quality


Apple launched the new iPhone 11 series on September 11 with triple rear cameras, improved display, and a lot more. The company called them – the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The smartphones are already up for pre-orders in most of the countries. Now, the company has released some video ads for the iPhone 11 Pro which show the toughness of the iPhone. Here are the details:

Apple Releases Video Ads For iPhone 11 Pro: Showcases Cameras Quality

Apple has released two new videos, the first video showcases how tough the iPhone 11 Pro is. In the video, you can find the newly launched iPhone in a high-speed wind tunnel, where objects were flung at it. These objects include toys, ice cubes, hairbrushes, food, and even a hefty birthday case. But nothing leaves a single mark or a scratch on the iPhone. All the objects flung at the iPhone bounce off.

However, we can’t trust everything that Apple is showing in the video. Now, we have to wait for JerryRigEverything to put the iPhone through stringent tests to examine the actual toughness of the phone.

The second video is all about the new triple rear camera setup of the iPhone 11 Pro. The video features a dog in the same high-speed wind chamber where the first video was shot. The video shows the capabilities of all the three cameras and how they are different from each other. Besides the video ad also showcased the Night Mode with impressive picture clarity and quality.

Let us know in the comment section about how you feel about the latest iPhones and the features they offer.

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