Apple released the first iOS 13 and iPadOS beta to the public

Apple released the first iOS 13 and iPadOS beta to the public

Previously, only programmers were allowed to try out iOS 13 and Apple's iPadOS. With the first beta for the public, even ordinary users are experienced.

Those who want to join the test program can register on the Apple website, allowing them to access beta versions of iOS, macOS, tvOS. Before installing beta, make sure you have backed up iTunes or iCloud. Ideally, it is recommended to install iOS 13 or iPadOS on a secondary device because the trial software often operates unstable, many errors.

iOS 13 is the next major update for iPhone. For iPad users, for the first time Apple introduced its own operating system for this device this year, it is iPadOS. The iPadOS is similar to iOS 13 but has a few "special" features on the iPad as multitasking.

iOS 13 brings many new features like Dark Mode, Photos adds the option to review photos taken by day, month and year. The photo editing interface makes editing images easier than before with new tools. Users can now edit videos right in the Photos app. On the latest iPhone, have High-Key Mono lighting effects and option to adjust Portrait Lightning effects.

Smaller volume icons, Find My apps combined with Find My iPhone and Find My Friends, allow you to monitor your device even if they don't have Wi-Fi or LTE connectivity.

Sign in with Apple feature helps to log into applications, websites with Apple account instead of Google, Facebook. Maps Maps has a new Look Around mode and Collection feature to save the list of locations. Better useful reminder …


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