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Apple registers a new design license to cure negative leaks for AirPods

Perhaps the only problem that makes Apple AirPods imperfect for many brothers is that the sound is detected from the holes on the surface of this wireless headset. In fact, Apple created those holes for the same purpose. One of them creates an open space for the AirPods' internal speakers to work, making sounds more open, just like headsets that use dynamic drivers with "bass exit" holes. Not only that, these holes also help make the calls more natural, do not bring the feeling of tightening the ears and say as if I used Beats X ear to listen and receive calls.

But in exchange for the convenience of integrating sound and vent holes, the sound emitted by AirPods is easily leaked, the person sitting near can hear the conversation at the time of calling, or … listen to the versions. music or podcast you are enjoying, not very comfortable.

Last Thursday, Apple submitted to the US Patent and Trademark Office a new design drawing of AirPods promising to solve this problem. The idea is, the pressure is reduced, so the sound inside the headset will also be less leaked.

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Apple's copyright registration document has a paragraph to explain this idea: "The air is directed out through the sound exit outlet 110 (in the picture above). The result is sound quality stability for listeners. In addition, controlling the maximum amount of air leaked also makes the sound more effective to the ears of users instead of being leaked out. ”

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Solving the sound leak may make AirPods even more successful than it is now, as this is one of the quite annoying drawbacks of the Apple-made headset, besides the battery's durability. rapid decline after about 1 year of use.


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