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Apple powerful upgrade Voice Control: Control Mac and iOS devices completely by voice

At WWDC 2019 this year, Apple introduced an extremely powerful Voice Control upgrade. Please watch the video:

Video using Voice Control (no voice feedback)

Video using Voice Control (with voice feedback)

We can see that Voice Control can now execute a lot of commands with extremely intelligent ways to handle situations. Some new commands like:

  • Transform from Animoji into
  • Call the share

  • Call the screen divider and number to determine the area (grid)

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Through the introductory video also shows that Apple wants to direct Voice Control to users who have difficulty communicating physically with the device. Apple is very attentive in creating products / features that make it possible for many special users to use their products.

For those of you who don't know about the old Voice Control: Apple's previous Voice Control is like a virtual assistant but can be operated independently without a network connection. It can only do a few tasks: create a call or control the music editor.

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