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Apple News, Home, Stocks and Voice Mem will have big changes in macOS Catalina

Last year, Apple launched the first four iOS apps for macOS Mojave. These applications were originally used for iOS and then transferred to macOS.

Four apps that switch from iOS to macOS include Apple News, Home, Stocks and Voice Mem. According to a new report, all four applications will have a major overhaul with macOS Catalina.

Craig Federighi, representative of Apple software engineering, told CNET that they will improve and upgrade four applications with the latest features and improvements.

It is known that after many people complained about it being difficult to use, or even unable to use on macOS, it is expected that Apple will add new features for the above 4 applications. They can also redesign the application so that it looks less like iOS and looks more like a native macOS application.

According to Apple, the proposed changes are not currently available. Most likely Apple can update four applications in the first beta version of macOS Catalina. Do you often use Apple News, Home, Stocks and Voice Memos on macOS? What do you think?

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