Apple Music’s new replay feature will show you the most popular music in 2019

Apple Music is launching a new feature that is similar to what Spotify users have had for years.

The iPhone maker recently introduced the “Apple Music Replay” feature, which lets users review songs they like in 2019. The playlist feature is similar to Spotify’s Wrapped feature, which allows you to review the most watched tracks of the year.

The Apple version is at the top of the “Browse” section in the Apple Music app. After clicking on the “19 REPLAY” banner, you will be sent to the Safari version of the app. Click “Get your replay mix, and you’ll be prompted to enter your ID and password.

After you sign in, you’ll generate a playlist of popular songs from this year, and let you know how much time you’ve spent listening to each artist.

In addition, Apple will show you every song that you have subscribed to Apple Music released in 2015.

And it’s completely free.

According to the streaming service, Spotify introduced a “wrap” feature in 2017 to “rediscover and share the music and podcasts that make up your personal audio track.”

Apple’s new service will be open year-round and will be automatically populated weekly as you play new music. Spotify’s package ads are usually seasonal, launched around the holidays, and let you listen during the New Year.

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