Apple Music reaches 60 million global users

Apple Music reaches 60 million global users

Apple recently announced its online music player system, Apple Music, has reached 60 million users worldwide.

According to the The Verge, Apple Vice President Eddy Cue recently revealed in an interview with the news site Numerama that its Apple Music music service has hit 60 million subscribers. This number increased by more than 10 million users compared to the statistics published in April of 50 million people. But Apple Music's biggest rival, Spotify, said it had reached 100 million users and outstripped Apple Music.

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This tremendous growth does not come from hardware impulse because we all know that Apple does not launch any new iPhone models. And with the new 2019 Macbook Pro launched, it also did not contribute to increase users for Apple Music. Perhaps due to the changing business strategy and much more important focus on Apple's services and software, it is partly taken from "offline" users such as Android phones or Windows computers. and even those iPhone users who haven't used Apple Music yet.

The biggest challenge with this music streaming platform is that the music store is more limited than Spotify, especially the songs for each country like Vietnam are still quite few.

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However, if you own Apple products like iPhone, Mac, Apple Music is the number one Stream music service on this platform. Understandably, this is a "homegrown" music service, so Apple has been optimally optimizing devices from watches to phones and personal computers or Homepod speakers.

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The Apple Music app also replaces the legendary iTunes software for now on the new macOS Catalina that will be released next fall with the launch of new iPhone models.

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