Apple Music has a new boss, officially surpassed the 40 million premium user mark

Oliver Schusser is the person entrusted by Apple to head the Apple Music division, after the new music streaming platform announced it passed 40 million paid users.

According to the PhoneArenaFrom today, Oliver Schusser will hold the position of “Vice President of Apple Music & International Content” and report the work directly to Eddy Cue – who is currently Senior Vice President of Internet Division Softwares and Services. Schusser plays a key role in Apple’s acquisition of Shazam, working for many years in Europe on products such as the App Store, iTunes, iBooks, … He will move from London to California to receive the new assignment.

In addition to the announcement of the new senior staff, Apple has also updated the number of subscribers of the online music platform Apple Music. Currently, Apple Music has 40 million paid users in 115 countries. A month ago, this number was 38 million, meaning that between February and March, Apple Music had 2 million new subscribers (up 5.3%).

Oliver Schusser

Oliver Schusser, Vice President of Apple Music & International Content. Photo: Musicplus.


While the average monthly growth of Apple Music is stable at 5%, Spotify – the service leading the online music market has only about 2% increase. This means that if you maintain growth like this, sooner or later, Apple Music will also overtake Spotify in the number of paid users. Earlier this month, Spotify said it had about 70 million subscribers for a fee of $ 9.99 a month (or $ 14.99 a month for a family of six). Apple also has a similar price tag.

While Spotify offers a free service with ads (with about 70 million users), Apple Music only gives users a 3-month free trial. There are about 8 million users on the list who are trying out Apple Music, and this is also the main source of user growth of the platform.

Bach Dang
* Source: VnReview


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