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Apple MacBook Air M1 Edition won the 2020 Industry Influence Award


The MacBook Air M1 with M1 chip still inherits Apple’s excellent industrial design level, and has also brought a leap in performance and battery life. Whether it is software or hardware, it has demonstrated high productivity comparable to Pro-level products. Attributes, won the 2020 industry influence award in PChome2020’s technology product selection.

In the past 2020, if one ranks major events in the computer industry, Apple’s self-developed M1 chip will definitely be on the list. The launch of Mac products equipped with Apple M1 chips not only marks the beginning of Apple’s use of self-developed chips, but also the first successful application of 5nm process ARM chips in the PC field. With the strong strength of the M1 chip and the absolute strength of Apple in software, the MacBook Air M1 version has received a lot of positive reviews after its launch. It also won the 2020 industry influence award in the PChome 2020 technology product selection.

At the WWDC 2020 Developer Conference held in June 2020, Cook announced that Mac will use self-developed chips. In November 2020, the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini equipped with Apple’s M1 chip were released as scheduled, marking the arrival of a new era.

In the field of PC chips, Intel has been subject to the 14nm process for many years, and AMD’s 7nm has not been popular for long, and the sudden advent of the 5nm process M1 chip has undoubtedly set off a storm in the industry. A more advanced manufacturing process allows the chip to accommodate more transistors, and the number of transistors in the M1 chip is as much as 16 billion. Compared with the Intel version of MacBook Air, MacBook Air M1 has a qualitative improvement in performance.

In addition to the advanced 5nm process, the M1 chip also created a unified memory shared by the entire system. The central processing unit, graphics processor, memory, cache, and other core components are custom-packaged, all concentrated in the M1 chip, allowing new breakthroughs in the performance and energy consumption of the MacBook Air M1.

The M1 chip integrates an 8-core central processing unit, which increases the processing speed of the MacBook Air M1 by about 3.5 times. The graphics processor also supports up to 8 cores, which can increase graphics processing capabilities up to 5 times. In addition, the M1 chip also has a 16-core neural network engine, which can improve the machine learning capabilities of the MacBook Air M1 by about 9 times. In addition, MacBook Air M1 performs very well in various productivity software such as Final Cut Pro and Xcode.

The M1 chip also has lower power consumption, allowing MacBook Air to have a longer battery life. The battery life of the MacBook Air M1 can be as long as 18 hours, which is a full 6 hours longer than the Intel version. This is extremely important for mobile office users. The lower power consumption allows the MacBook Air M1 to adopt a fanless design, which can also exert stable and powerful performance in the case of zero noise.

Apple Computer has shifted from the early PowerPC architecture to the Intel processor-based X86 architecture, and then fully shifted to the self-developed ARM architecture in 2020. After two major product direction adjustment nodes, the Mac with the M1 chip is undoubtedly a new one. With a pioneering existence, there is no doubt that the M1 chip can definitely leave a strong mark in the history of PC development in 2020. The M1 chip marks the beginning of Apple’s self-developed chips, which may be popularized in more products in the future. The advanced 5nm process is in the leading direction in the chip field, and the customized package of unified memory can maximize the performance of the M1 chip.

The MacBook Air M1 with M1 chip still inherits Apple’s excellent industrial design level, and also brings a leap in performance and battery life. Whether it is software or hardware, it has played a high efficiency comparable to Pro-level products. Productivity attributes have a huge impact on the industry, so it is also worthy of the 2020 industry influence award.



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