THE EXCELLENCE OF APPLE LIEN 2019 was officially launched with the participation of NSUT Xuan Bac, Do Mixi, Pewpew, Misthy, Viet Johan, Nhat Anh Trang, Ceejay. This film summarizes all the achievements of League of Legends in the past year. Surely this will be a comedy that brings laughter to people all over the country.

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I am related 2019

See Apple League of Legends 2019


This is also one of the humorous and impressive products that bring a lot of laughter to the audience, and there are many other good comedy products you can watch for Tet. You will watch Wedding, The Story of Teacher So, Madame 5 Bong … Many other interesting comedies. Let’s choose to join your family on this new year.

Download the game Arena of valor to your phone

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Wish you a very happy new year.


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