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Apple leaves iTunes, how is iPhone users affected? Nothing

Yesterday Apple rumored to leave iTunes, it is unclear if it will only close iTunes to sell music or even cut iTunes software on the computer. Assuming Apple actually dropped iTunes on Mac, Windows, it wouldn't affect our use, especially for those of you who are using the iPhone.

The need to record music: now we have used it all

Spotify, SoundCloud, NhacCuaTui, ZingMP3, Apple Music … are big names in music streaming in Vietnam, and I observe that everyone's habits have changed from copying music to listening to music online from this app. iTunes used to be used to sync music to iPhone but once online music is available, what crimes must sync for extreme. Like any song to listen to, pay a few tens of thousands a month or even listen to free all have.

If you are worried about not being able to listen when you are offline, all music streaming apps support downloading offline to your computer so there is no way you cannot listen to music when you lose the Internet. Boarding a plane, train, and coming home … still hear rumbling.

=> Apple's abandonment of iTunes does not affect your sync music, at least for most users.

The need to copy images: iCloud, Google Photos for what

Using cloud services to store images is a good thing to do because it is cheap, Google Photos is even free, while ensuring photos are backed up continuously and of course when you want to view photos on your computer there is no need to copy files either. Saving photos, saving video on cloud is now a popular thing. Previously, iTunes used to sync the photo albums from Apple Photos but now it is no longer necessary.

Suppose you only need to copy the file, then the iPhone and iPad still support access to its photo library without going through iTunes, just the computer is done.

=> Apple's abandonment of iTunes does not affect your sync photos.

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Need to copy the file: now there is a cloud

In the past, we had to copy the manual files into the apps via iTunes. Now iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive full, sync file between your computer and mobile device has never been so easy, and you can do it even if you forget the cable. There are no more reasons to use this feature.

=> Apple's abandonment of iTunes does not affect the copying of your files.

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Need to backup the machine

Backup here means backing up your entire iPhone, iPad and storing it on your computer. Currently iOS also allows you to do it via iCloud, so you can keep the computer constantly backing up to the cloud. However, when recovering from a backup on the cloud, it will be a little slower due to the download from the Apple server, in addition there is no backup copy function to return to when our brothers are playing beta.

=> Apple's abandonment of iTunes will have a small impact on those who need to save offline backup for safe use

Needs to restore the machine

This aside from iTunes, there are some tools that are not officially available, but surely leaving iTunes will affect you who have to reset the device, must run the firmware back to the iPhone … Fortunately, this number is not very large. Because ordinary users rarely touch.

Duy Luân

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