Apple launched up to 4 new iPhone models, the 6.7-inch iPhone is significantly thinner 11 Pro Max

(Techz.vn) Information about the new iPhone continues to be revealed in China.

Apple is likely to launch up to four new iPhone versions in September 2020, including a 5.4-inch version, two 6.1-inch versions and a 6.7-inch version. And today, we have more interesting information about the most advanced version with a size of 6.7 inches.

The 6.7-inch iPhone will have a size (7.4mm) 10% thinner than the iPhone 11 Pro Max (8.1mm). This is a very important change and directly affects the user experience, because most users think that the iPhone 11 Pro Max is too thick and heavy. In addition, iPhone 6.7 version will be higher than iPhone 11 Pro Max. It will also come with 3 cameras with a larger sensor size than the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Best of all, new iPhone models are expected to use OLED screens and FaceID. The 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch versions will still use dual cameras, similar to the iPhone 11.

Surely in the near future, we will have more information about this iPhone 4 set.

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