Apple is still indifferent to the foldable iPhone because of its low profit margins

Apple is still indifferent to the foldable iPhone because of its low profit margins

American companies often apply advanced technologies later than competitors, the leading reason is fear of rising costs affecting profit margins.

Korean technology page The Elec Although the launch of the foldable iPhone is already on Apple’s roadmap, the company has yet to decide exactly when to commercial the product. According to this page, if the 2023 timeline given by the reports is correct, they must have a preliminary configuration of the product now. Because with such an important product, planning must be done two to three years early.

The company has started to move to appoint partners to supply materials and components to get ready for the final design. Display partners like Samsung Display and LG Display will have to invest a year before product release, so if the supply chain begins to establish by the end of this year, it will not be until 2024 that they can actually trade. the. A possible timeline according to The Elec could be 2024 until 2025.

The screen is the most important component for a foldable phone. Therefore, it has to be carefully prepared including new OLED materials, consistent curvature radius, mechanical hinges, advanced technologies to protect display panels, … Even Samsung Display has Starting mass production from 2019 and selling to Samsung Electronics, developing the Galaxy Fold line, is also not considered to have perfected the technology.

They are continually improving the durability, versatility, and display quality of their products. This is obviously an impressive technology, so the process of investing and improving it is very costly in terms of time and money. More importantly, the fact that it takes at least three years from now to produce a truly foldable iPhone is also closely related to Apple’s business habits. American companies are often reluctant to adopt advanced technologies early because of concerns about profitability.

Apple is carefully considering the profitability of the foldable iPhone release. They switched from LCD to OLED quite slowly, because the cost of OLED panels is much higher than LCD. If you fold and use only OLED, the company’s profitability will drop dramatically. One person familiar with the matter told The Elec that it won’t be until the end of 2022 that sales of OLED iPhones will surpass the LCD iPhone category. This makes Apple even more hesitant to foldable OLEDs because the economic efficiency is not high.

Apple is not in a hurry to contend with Samsung folding screen phones because the economy is not high

The company is still exploring new, more complex and costly technology. They have implemented many small projects related to the foldable iPhone, registered many patents, contacted partners, … but have not really gathered them all into one big project to produce. A source close to revealed, the release of an official product is still neglected. So, if you expect a breakthrough iPhone model, you will have to wait quite a long time.

Meanwhile, Samsung is continuing to improve and expand the Galaxy Fold line. The Korean company is looking for a way for the next-generation Galaxy Fold to support the S Pen. The current barrier is mainly a matter of durability, the stylus can damage the panel despite having a protective case outside the ultra-thin glass. Currently, the company has sold 2.5 million foldable phones by the end of 2020. This scale may not be big enough to bother Apple, instead, they just observe and quietly correct. be for a long-term plan with the foldable iPhone.

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