Apple is secretly developing a model iPad folding screen? - VnReview

Apple is secretly developing a model iPad folding screen? – VnReview

It is possible (albeit very small) that Apple may launch an iPad tablet with a foldable screen design.

This rumor comes from Jeff Lin, IHS Markit market analyst and gets tech news sites Economic Daily News and 9to5Mac re-upload. Lin said Apple is secretly developing the device and plans to launch it next year.

There is very little detail on this iPad folding screen: of course, it will support 5G network (a feature that will definitely be popular on mobile devices that appear in 2020), and has a screen. The size is equivalent to MacBook computer screen. However, there is no information about the folding mechanism, the size of the device after being folded, the screen resolution … and other details of the device that users and professionals expect.

In fact, the above information is not without foundation: Apple has registered a patent for a folding device with a flexible screen mechanism; Meanwhile, rival companies such as Samsung and Huawei have launched folding screen phones (although both companies are still facing many difficulties and have not been able to set an official "date" for devices. suffer from this). Therefore, a folding screen tablet model is completely feasible, and in fact – in some ways – this product has been on the market. That's Lenovo's Yoga Book, although some people think it's better to call this product a two-screen laptop.

However, it is highly likely that Apple will not be able to launch such a device next year. Some of the reasons are: First of all, this information seems unreliable because there are so few details about the new device. In addition, it is hard to say that this folding screen iPad model will bring a "revolution" because it owns a large screen similar to MacBook computers. The reason is that Apple already has the iPad Pro tablet with the largest screen size up to 12.9 inches – bigger than some MacBook models.

Not to mention, in the context of Samsung and Huawei still having a lot of problems with their folding screen phones, perhaps it is still too early for Apple – a company famous for its meticulousness and refinement for Our products – can launch a device that applies this new technology right next year.

And finally, although iPad folding screens can be useful in some cases, but generally, this technology still has an "inherent" weakness: very difficult to apply but not very effective. A phone with a screen size as big as a tablet when folded will have many disadvantages (heavier and thicker), and the advantages that it brings clearly cannot "make up" for it. above disadvantages.

However, a tablet that can be folded into a device with a smaller size (though it is not yet known that this iPad folding screen will fold in or out) will be easy to carry around. (even pocketable), while still possessing a large, good quality display with a Retina standard.

Although it may sound interesting, the advantage of the iPad folding screen may just stop there. Agree that you can use the touch screen part below to make the keyboard; But through Lenovo's practical Yoga Book experience, the touch keyboard is extremely hard to type, and I know there is no breakthrough technology that can solve this problem in the near future. You can use a part of the screen to paint with an Apple Pencil pen, and the rest to preview the finished product; But the regular iPad can also do this thanks to the split screen feature. In fact, the benefits of iPad folding screens won't be much more than those of a traditional flat and large screen.

However, if Apple wants to test folding screen technology, it would be safer if the company tested the iPad rather than the iPhone, because the iPhone is much more popular than the iPad so bringing a completely new feature The iPhone may be more risky. Therefore, I believe we will see a sample of folding screen tablet from Apple at some point in the future; but that is unlikely to happen next year.

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