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Apple is negotiating to buy the modem array of Intel – VnReview

After months of rumors, Intel was about to find a buyer of its phone modem, and you wouldn't be surprised to hear the name of the candidate.

According to Engadget, many reliable sources on Wall Street revealed that Apple is in the process of negotiating to buy Intel's modem array at a price of more than $ 1 billion, and maybe the deal will be completed in next week. Both companies have been discussing this issue since the summer of 2018, but repeatedly suspended and then started again after Apple reached an agreement with Qualcomm, prompting Intel to stop its 5G development process.

In fact, there has been quite clear evidence that this deal will certainly take place. For example, Apple has approached Intel's 5G lead for weeks before reaching an agreement with Qualcomm. The company also "signaled" that it wanted to develop its own mobile chipset in recruitment announcements, and also decided to find personnel for a San Diego research facility – Qualcomm's home ground. Apples want to take hold of all possible wireless resources, and are willing to spend boldly to achieve the goal.

Of course, the acquisition of Intel does not mean that we will see the return of Apple devices using Intel modems. Like the acquisition of PA Semiconductor, Apple's intention is still to acquire the talent talent of the opponent. Any wireless chipset released from the acquisition also takes years to complete. So if you're complaining about signal quality on iPhones with Intel modems, you'll probably have to wait a long time for that answer.


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