Apple is making iPhone exclusively for China?

Apple is making iPhone exclusively for China?


It seems that this is Apple's attempt to prevent existing users from switching to other brands, and regaining lost users. When iPhone XS was released, it was quite attractive thanks to the big screen, 2 SIM, quality camera, but the selling price was a barrier.

To lower the price of iPhone in China, Apple is expected to remove some features on the device. For example, most users of this country do not use Face ID, so Apple will abandon the Face ID and include the traditional Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

If Apple really made his own iPhone for China, that's quite interesting.

According to the report of Xintong Academy, the average smartphone price in China increased by 16.8% to 2,523 yuan in 2018. Meanwhile, the current iPhone price ranges from 6,000 to 10,000 yuan.


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