Apple is expected to stop making the iPhone 12 mini in the second quarter due to weak demand

Apple is expected to stop making the iPhone 12 mini in the second quarter due to weak demand

In 4 iPhone 12 models released last year, the iPhone 12 mini is like a “gift” that Apple gives to users who prefer a compact iPhone but bring the design and technology of the latest series.

It seemed that this would be the best-selling iPhone model, but so far the sales of this product are quite low. According to the WccftechApple is expected to stop producing iPhone 12 in the second quarter of 2021.

William Yang, supply chain analyst at JP Morgan, said that Apple will remove the iPhone 12 from its supply chain in the second quarter of this year due to weaker than expected demand. To make this prediction, Yang seems to have consulted sales statistics for this year’s iPhone 12 models. In particular, the three models of iPhone 12 with larger screens are selling much better than the smallest version of the 5.4-inch screen. Actually, a word report Morgan Stanley revealed that Apple has cut production of the iPhone 12 mini because of weak demand, namely about 2 million units. Instead, the company focuses on producing iPhone 12 Pro, which is strongly buying power.

Before that, from October to November 2020, reports indicated that the iPhone 12 mini was the best-selling of the four iPhone 12 models in the US. According to the WccftechOne of the reasons why the iPhone 12 mini is no longer popular is that there are many better choices from Apple. Specifically, with only $ 399, users can own an iPhone SE 2020 or spend an extra $ 200 to buy an iPhone 11, both of which are cheaper than the iPhone 12 mini but still meet the needs of use. . Apple’s introduction of the iPhone 12 mini into such a highly competitive segment inadvertently made the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE 2020 extremely popular, accounting for more than 50% of iPhone sales in the US in the third quarter. / 2020.

Apple appears to have miscalculated the iPhone 12 mini business plan, and the question is whether the new iPhone SE and iPhone 12 will make a similar impact on iPhone 13 mini sales scheduled for year-end launch. 2021 or not. According to a previous report from Apple InsiderApple is expected to release four new iPhone 13 models and each model retains the same screen size as its predecessor. Yang predicts that this year alone Apple may ship between 80 and 90 million iPhone 13 models, but did not give the number of details for each version.

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