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Apple is developing Touch ID on the screen, will remove Face ID in 2021

A new bulletin from Apple Ming-Chi Kuo analyst today said there will be at least one of the new iPhone models launched in 2020 will have a screen cut to accommodate the front camera smaller than before, thereby increasing the ratio of the screen to the camera body and the rabbit ears are also smaller.

That means that the rabbit ear cut on one of the iPhone 2020 models will be significantly smaller. In the Kuo newsletter, it is not clear whether this design is applicable to all new iPhone models in 2020.

Apple is expected to introduce an entirely new iPhone line in 2020, including three models of OLED displays with 6.7-inch, 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch screens. It is reported that Apple may also have a fourth iPhone with Touch ID, exclusively for the Chinese market.

It is possible that this iPhone model with Touch ID is the model that Kuo mentioned: because of the Touch ID, this iPhone model will not have Face ID, no need for the TrueDepth sensor cluster, thereby making the rabbit ears smaller.

Meanwhile, an investor newsletter from Credit Suisse in China said Apple screen suppliers "are actively developing borderless displays ", No rabbit ears on top. This newsletter coincides with Kuo's information, that next year Apple will have at least one new iPhone model without rabbit ears.

And yet, the report also said that by 2021, three new iPhone models will use fingerprint sensors on the screen instead of Face ID. That's why rabbit ears can be removed or their size will be significantly reduced.

Earlier this week, Apple just launched a new iPhone ad with the affirmation that Face ID "easier and more secure " compared to Touch ID. It is quite rare for Apple to put two of its technologies face to face with each other, and even more noticeable if Apple really plans to remove Face ID.

Of course, these newsletters should only be read for reference purposes. Kuo's affirmation that Apple is developing an iPhone model with smaller rabbit ears is definitely reliable. It is also confirmed that Face ID will be removed completely and somewhat unbelievable.

Reference: 9to5mac

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