Apple iPhone 11 revealed real photos, 3 camera clusters super bad - Photo 1.

Apple iPhone 11 revealed real photos, the camera group was super bad

Later this year, Apple will unveil its latest iPhone models. Currently, the development process has entered the final stages and the leaked image has begun to appear. Up to now, all sources believe that iPhone this year, temporarily called iPhone 11, will have 3 rear cameras in triangle shape in a convex square in the upper left corner of the back.

Recently, Slashleaks has posted a photo of iPhone 11 being used in the street. This is entirely possible because smartphone vendors often provide prototypes for employees to try to detect errors before launch. So maybe an employee unintentionally revealed the iPhone 11 he tested.

However, it does not exclude the possibility that this photo is just a Photoshop product. The quality of the photo is generally poor, but the 3 cameras don't look natural. The three black circles of 3 cameras are like drawing by software. Hopefully this is a Photoshop photo because this design is too bad if it is real.

Expected, iPhone 2019 will be released on September 10. In addition to the square camera cluster, Apple plans to increase battery capacity, support fast charging, reverse wireless charging and remove 3D Touch. It is reported that Apple is negotiating with BOE to buy more OLED screens, avoiding a shortage due to dependence on Samsung.

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