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Apple iPhone 11 can integrate "night mode" to compete with Google's "Night Sight"

Apple is not expected to make any major changes until the launch of its upcoming flagships. Recent information shows that the next generation iPhone will get a major camera upgrade (both hardware and software). Today, a new feature (potentially appearing) has leaked. It's "Night Mode" to compete with Google's Night Sight.

Camera of iPhone 11 will be greatly improved compared to its predecessor

According to Max Weinbach, who shared this information with Youtube channel AllApplePro, Apple is currently developing a new Night Mode for iPhone camera application. This feature will automatically turn on when low light conditions are detected (users can also manually activate this feature if desired).

The details of Apple's new Night Mode haven't been revealed yet, but sources claim it will be equivalent to Google's Night Sight and Night Mode on Huawei devices – these are the two night modes on the app. The flagship camera is rated the best today. Apple is expected to test the new feature on the upcoming iPhone 11 series (expected to be introduced in September with the official version of iOS 13).

It is not clear whether Apple will update the Night Mode feature for older iPhone generations such as iPhone XR or XS. Perhaps, this feature will be tweaked to suit older devices, just like Google did with Night Sight. Nor does it rule out Apple's new Night Mode feature that will only be compatible with iPhone 2019 hardware.

Apple also plans to upgrade other hardware and software

If previous leaks were accurate, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max would have a total of three 12-megapixel cameras on the back, one of which would be 2x telephoto zoom lenses and one wide-angle camera (120 degrees). Meanwhile, the iPhone XR is not expected to be equipped with this wide-angle camera.

Like last year's models, the main sensor and telephoto camera will support optical image stabilization (OIS). Meanwhile, the ultra-wide-angle camera has not yet been equipped with optical image stabilization. As expected, Apple will do this by 2020.

Comes with this camera system is quad-LED flash lamp with improvements to support better glow. In addition, the image signal processor (ISP) will also be upgraded by Apple. Apple is said to be developing an innovative feature called Smart HDR. According to leaked sources, this feature "is better than anything Google, Samsung or Huawei did before."

The 12 MP selfie camera in the front is also upgraded with better Face ID (it is possible to use wider viewing angles and apply from a closer distance). Strangely, the latest rumors about the Pixel 4 show that Google is also developing a 3D face recognition system this year in the hope that it will replace fingerprint scanners. There is very little information about this technology, but rumors suggest it will be on par even better than Apple's Face ID.

Reference: PhoneArena


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