Apple filed a patent for a MacBook with a touch screen

Apple has repeatedly refused to press on the development of touch screen MacBook. However, a new patent has emerged with a detailed description of a future touchscreen laptop.

An Apple patent has recently been filed with the U.S. Intellectual Property Department for a future feature of future MacBook generations. In the patent, Apple described a smartphone device and laptop screen equipped with multi-touch with labels and descriptions for tasks that can be performed on the screen. .

Previously, Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president, said that the company had decided not to produce touch-screen Macs because it would be more labor-intensive to raise your hand and touch the screen. works on Mac today.

Apple filed a patent for a MacBook with a touch screen

Notably, this patent also reveals a new multi-platform function that allows users to use two or more Apple devices at the same time and can interact with each other easily.

Apple seems to have demonstrated that the touch screen MacBook could be an interesting feature in the future, along with upgrades in the operating system so that devices in its ecosystem work seamlessly across platforms. platform together. However, this patent is not intuitive enough to be sure that Apple will bring it to upcoming devices and it is unclear the effectiveness it brings. Hopefully Apple will provide more evidence soon to give us a better look at this all-new feature.

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