Apple 'executes' MacBook 12 inch - VnReview

Apple 'executes' MacBook 12 inch – VnReview

In addition to upgrading the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, Apple also officially "died" its thinnest MacBook, the 12-inch MacBook.

If you visit the Apple website right now, you will no longer see the MacBook (12 inch) category appear. Surely those who love ultra-thin laptops like the MacBook 12 inch will be disappointed to know this information.

According to the Engadget, first launched in 2015, the MacBook 12 inch is a new era-opening device for Apple laptops when the first MacBook equipped with a USB-C connector, the first MacBook with a keyboard with mechanism "Butterfly" is controversial, is also the first MacBook to remove the familiar glowing Apple logo.

Since then, the MacBook Pro 2016 and MacBook Air 2018 have all followed the "12-inch" MacBook's formula, making the community constantly talk about the lack of USB-A, HDMI, glowing Apple logos, Of course, it is impossible to ignore the "disaster" keyboard that makes many users uncomfortable.

Of course, Apple will still follow the design of the 12-inch MacBook – at least for the moment. According to the EngadgetMany rumors suggest that the next-generation MacBook Pro will have a more traditional new keyboard, deeper pressing power to please users.

The "death" of the MacBook 12 inch at this time is perfectly reasonable by the MacBook Air 2018 has met the needs. Although the thinnest product in the MacBook line, the power of the 12-inch MacBook can't catch up with other machines. If users need a compact device that supports basic work, they will choose iPad Pro.

However, the MacBook 12 inch is still an important device when marking the new road in Apple's laptop design, whether they are perfect or fail.

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