Apple devices suddenly support the PS4 handle and Xbox One!

Apple devices suddenly support the PS4 handle and Xbox One!

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Apple – The technology giant will allow PlayStation 4 and Xbox One handles to connect to their devices via Bluetooth in the Fall update!

Apple has just announced a new update for iOS, tvOS and iPadOS released this fall to fully support the handle types of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

If you are a game player on Apple devices, this is extremely good news!

The power of A-series processors allows these products to run massive configurable titles, with impressive performance!

Moreover, the games launched on iOS are becoming more and more attractive.

Some games on the App Store store will need handles to provide a better experience than touch control. However, currently only the MFi handles are supported

The MFi handle must be designed according to the standard Apple, from the position of the button, the number of buttons is allowed, there is no analog stick button.

Not only that, the type of handle MFi is also quite expensive but does not bring much practical value.

All will be changed this fall, when Apple released iOS 13, tvOS 13 and iPadOS to support PlayStation 4 and Xbox One handsets if they are designed in the same way as the original.

You will be able to connect them to your devices Apple with Bluetooth as when connecting to a Mac or PC.

The giant has yet to announce any support for other handles like Nintendo Switch Pro, or some PlayStation 4 and Xbox One handsets from third parties but with a different design.

iOS 13, tvOS 13 and iPadOS will be officially released in the fall.

Apple has now released its first test version today, the extensive test version will be released in July.

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