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Apple canceled the use of Nanoco's "quantum dot" camera for iPhone 2019

According to new information, Apple has announced the cancellation of a £ 17 million contract with Nanoco, a company based in Manchester, England, specializing in quantum dot technology.

Earlier, the Telegraph believed Apple had planned to use Nanoco's technology for an advanced image sensor. This will be part of the camera specifications of the iPhone 2019 series. In addition, Nanoco itself announced that an American customer has dropped projects that they will become one of the suppliers.

According to the iPhonehacks site, the original agreement between Nanoco and Apple was signed in 2018. After that, "Apples defects" extended another year at the beginning of 2019. This agreement helped Nanoco expand its production base in Cheshire.

Nanoco's quantum dot technology, also used in advanced television screens, allows precise control of the light on digital camera sensors, thus delivering higher quality than silicon in phones. smart today.

Most likely, Apple originally intended to use Nanoco's quantum dot technology to improve the iPhone's AR capabilities along with its camera performance. Citing Bluefin's research, the Telegraph report said Apple closed the project after it realized that producing quantum dot image sensors was too expensive.

Finally, the report said Apple has now turned its attention to a laser-based 3D scanner that will be available on the iPhone 2020, helping to improve their AR features.

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