Apple bought a startup to develop a self-driving car
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Apple bought a startup to develop a self-driving car

Apple has just confirmed it has acquired a self-driving technology development startup, which includes the ownership of its employees and assets. is a startup company valued at US $ 200 million two years ago, developing software and data in the area of ​​self-driving cars.

Buying has yet to give us a better view of the self-driving car segment that Apple has been studying for years, since hearing about the Titan project. For years, they have continuously built up and thrived in this area but what we know is very vague and unclear. It seems that Apple is still gathering enough resources and data they need before we know it better. However, that is only a hypothesis. was founded in 2015 and is facing difficulties before being acquired by Apple. They used to operate self-driving car service in Texas.

Source: Apple Insider


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