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Apple becomes the largest laptop manufacturer in the world

Mac's record sales in 2019 helped Apple become the largest laptop manufacturer in the world.

Total sales of iPads and Macs in the past quarter totaled $ 11.6 billion, far exceeding sales of HP's PCs, laptops, and workstations, at $ 9.7 billion and Lenovo with $ 9.6 billion.

Apple no longer reports iPad and Mac sales separately, so we can only compare with other manufacturers' tablets, PCs and Windows laptops. Based on the above data, we can see that Apple's laptop and tablet segment is having a good sales and also brings more profits than the other two mainframe manufacturers, HP and Lenovo.

Apple reported that its Mac sales last quarter were down slightly from the same period a year ago. This is explained by Tim Cook that the company last year refreshed both MacBook Pro models, so it has good sales.

Mac sales of the 2019 fiscal year reached a new record. This figure is 2% higher than the financial year 2018 in the context of the PC and laptop market is quite stagnant and does not seem to grow.

Apple has yet to sell the new Mac Pro model it launched this summer at WWDC19. If the device is sold, it is expected that Apple's revenue and profit will grow even more.

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