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Apple answered the article criticizing the AirPods headset, emphasizing efforts to cooperate with recycling companies

Apple has released a number of replies around the article that criticized AirPods, which were posted on Vice news sites in early May. In the article entitled "What Really Happens to AirPods When They Die" has just been posted online. Medium society, author Will Oremus interviewed with Apple representatives, provided a lot of information about the close cooperation between Apple and partners who are recycling companies to ensure that materials can be retrieved. rare.

Accordingly, Apple emphasized the program to recall and recycle Trade In products that helped customers recover AirPods headphones from 2016, further confirming that the company "works closely with recycling partners to handle Manage old AirPods according to the right process. " Recycling companies that do not directly work with Apple can also contact the company via hotline, email, … for full support and guidance, as long as they are serious about the problem. Apple products.

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Not only working with Apple representatives, Will Oremus author is also directly connected to Wistron GreenTech, a recycling company within its supply chain system. Wistron's representative admitted that the process of separating and disassembling a product like AirPods is extremely difficult, requiring employees to work 100% manually, not having machines to automate the recycling line. Moreover, the profit from an old AirPods unit is too small, not enough to cover labor and machinery costs. Therefore, Apple has made great efforts to provide financial support to its partners, while ensuring that important components such as batteries and speaker tubers are recycled to recover rare elements like cobalt. In the near future Apple is also rushing to build a complete recycling process for AirPods so that recycling companies can actively reduce the cost of recycling AirPods in particular and Apple products in general.

Another noteworthy point, Mr. Will Oremus said he asked Wistron GreenTech and some other US environmental companies about the number of people who bring AirPods to recycling, is almost absent. Therefore, the current AirPods on the market can still be used normally, but not necessarily released to the environment as the article in Vice mentioned. Throwing it into a trash basket, or even throwing it into a drawer is a possibility, but please remember that the sense of recycling of Western people is so common that accusing AirPods is not enough basis, not to mention it is a The device is too small compared to millions, billions of technology products that people have been using since the past.

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However, many of the points in the article that criticized AirPods have not been answered by Apple, such as exploitation or class division in society. They are extremely sensitive, challenging topics in the technology age of 4.0 today.


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